A complex image I made for Strateges board map.

Photoshop file is 150 MB and contain over 300 layers.

I plan to do a tutorial on how I did the realistic water effect sometime in a few months.

A path line to your goal?


I’m thrilled to hear that I’m one of the top five who won the contest. I’ll give it to my bro since I have already purchased one for myself.

For those who don’t know the rule of the contest:

You’ll need to “Photoshop” (and by that we mean “digitally edit”) Halo’s Master Chief on vacation. 5 winners will get a free copy of Halo for Mac

The other four winners submitted in funny graphics. I especially like the one of Master Chief bungee-jumping. Very clever and simple.

I’ve completed single player mode (Halo) and enjoyed some parts of it. Most of the gameplays was too repetitive for my taste. The level designs (especially structures and textures) were mediocre at best. One of their strong areas is character design although I don’t quite understand why they designed that alien midget that ran like the boy in ‘Home Alone’. Halo’s Multiplayer, on the other hands, is packed with fun! I totally love the idea of sharing the vehicle with several other players.

Application and Toolbar Icons for Strateges, a new game from Cliche Software

This was my first icon work that was partly done with a 3D app. It was also my first time using a 3D app. Photoshop were used to smooth everything up and did some hue adjustments.

Project Length: 1 week
Designs Submitted: 2 designs

Based on Apple GarageBand’s GUI

Image    Image    

Third one is a photoshop file with two layers; Metal Apple Logo and Color BG which can be set to any color/pattern of your choice.

Industech Icon Set - Click to see full-size image
Industech icon set is a mixture of Industrial and Technology.

ImageI’ve also made a desktop background to go with Industech Icon Set but I never was really happy with the result. I’m putting it up because I’m sure there’s some people who would like a copy of it.

Pixelated Desktop BG based on a forum signature I’m using.

Tuxedo Cursor Set for Mighty Mouse
A experimental cursor set that have a little more depth than flat black/white cursor.


(Note: this 2003 setup is outdated, please see above post for latest setup)

My sweet computer desk.. Very comfortable if you’re doing a graphic work on it. I can’t think too well with a messy desk

Computer: Apple PowerMac G4 1.47 GHz
Memory: 1.25 GB
Monitors: Apple 17′ LCD | Mitsubishi 22′ CRT
Graphic Cards: ATI Radeon 9800 128MB | ATI Radeon 8500 64MB

If you’re scared of getting Carpal Tunnel, you should get those Mouse and Keyboard Gel ErgoPAD from Belkin. They’re one of the most comfortable gel pad I’ve ever used. I’m walking through the Comfort Tunnel :)

GameCube Games

GameCube Games (13):
  • 1080° Avalanche
  • SSX 3
  • Eternal Darkness
  • Metal Gear Solid:
    Twin Snakes
  • F-Zero GX
  • Ikaruga
  • Burnout 3: Point Of Impact
  • Metriod Prime
  • Super Smash Bros Melee
  • Viewtiful Joe
  • Wave Race: Blue Storm
  • Zelda: Ocarino of Time
  • Zelda: The Wind Waker

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