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A galaxy background with Apple logo to honor the great birth of Leopard yesterday. Right-click and save as:

Conquer the Universe1920×1200

Non-Apple (also good for dual display)1920×1200

Interface Design for Ambrosia Software‘s new baby WireTap Studio. Although my icon work was minimal, most of my focus went into designing the interface for WireTap Studio including the main controller with drawer. Marcus Conge of Ambrosia Software did an excellent job on new WTS application icon.

Library Window

Waveform Editor Window

You can view WTS in action at WTS Video Tutorial.

Acorn IconI was invited to beta test Flying Meat‘s Acorn and provide some feedbacks and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the interface direction Acorn Developer Gus Mueller took it to. It is very refreshing to see a different approach to image editor interface by combining all key tools into one palette window. On paper it may sound like a stupid idea but it’s actually a good design idea.

Two things I love the most about Acorn are the selection look (not “Marching Ants” like in Photoshop) and Apply Filters interface in Automator style.

Of course it is not intended to be a Photoshop replacement but it sure is nice to have a nicely designed image editor app that I can happily recommend to anyone who doesn’t need the power of Photoshop.

Acorn Website

I know it sounds creepy but more than occasionally I’ve been falling asleep with iPhone in my hands. I’ve had many gadgets in the past including Sidekick and Nintendo DS Lite which I love but none of them put me to sleep as well and smooth as iPhone does. It’s frightening, though, to wake up with iPhone in my hands as I have a great deal of care for gadgets, especially those from Apple. Hopefully my bad dreams won’t turn iPhone into a giant squishy cockroach and force me to take action against it.

On the other hand, I’m currently working on two more iPhone projects and while they’re still at early stage, I can’t wait to show them sometime soon :)

Download new version at www.deliciousmonster.org


  • All puzzles should now be solvable.
  • The state of the buttons is now saved when Lights Off is quit.
  • Button presses can now be cancelled by dragging your finger off the button before letting go.
  • Minor graphic changes (main icon and bigger buttons)

It should be available via iPhone’s unofficial Installer.app sometime soon.

Tip: If you’re unable to turn off all lights in a specific level, try throw your iPhone to the cement floor hard to break the LCD light. Mission accomplished.

Updated blog design for Mösdeux‘s next comedy film “The Deaf Family”. Shooting will start this September 4th in Texas.

Mösdeux’s Behind the Scene: “The Deaf Family”

Original Behind the Scene design can be seen here: Behind the Scene: “A Permanent Grave”.


Designed the interface for Ambrosia Software‘s iToner based on iPhone’s interface. One of the nice reasons for using iPhone interface is it’ll stand out as a real iPhone app that’ll transfer the ringtones the clean way, not ugly hacks (ie: jailbreak, etc.)

I’m not done with iToner interface design though, I will continue to tweak it and add more graphics to make user experience as smooth as possible.

“iToner enables you to quickly transfer custom ringtones for your iPhone – without modifying, hacking or having to reset your iPhone. Simply drag and drop your MP3 or AAC audio files on iToner’s window, click the Sync button, and you’re done.”

iToner Webpage


Last tuesday, Lucas Newman (developer of Delicious Library) and I built the entire game within three days for C-4 Iron Coder and we won 2nd place next to Video Conference for iPhone.

Download link and brief installation instructions is at Lights Off website.

Movie of it in action

I’ve always loved Lights Out game from Tiger Electronic and iPhone with touch screen couldn’t be any more perfect for Lights Out-type game. This game is freeware and you should use it at your own risk. I’m not going to provide detailed installation instructions here as it’s fairly complex but I will update this post with a link when there is one.

Edit: This instruction is pretty good iPhone Atlas – 5-step process for putting apps on your iPhone

I will be moving to North Hollywood, California this Aug. 17th.

3,000 miles but…
No humidity and Terminator as a government? Priceless.

I’m gonna miss snow but I’m sure the sheer fun of earthquakes will make up for it.

I will probably post pics on the way with my iPhone or shortly after I arrived there.

Get the *real* icon for Cyndicate =)

Cyndicate is a great RSS reader application with nice interface. If you liked PulpFiction (app, not movie), you will like this app too. Personally I still prefer NewsFire as my main RSS reader but here you go:

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