February 2007

New blog design for my brother’s company Mösdeux.

Mösdeux’s Behind the Scene Blog

Check the blog in action. You’ll see that I locked the floor to bottom of browser window all the time and the reason for this is to give blog site a production-ish feeling. In movie you rarely see floor but characters and objects all the time and in production you’ll notice floor the most with lot of guide tapes, boxes, equipments, wires, etc. The big black poster behind the body content is a “flip-side” of original Mösdeux blog design.

I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing the progression of this huge film project. They got some of the best people and more people will be coming over the days including a dedicated sound team.

Check the photos and you’ll be proud to see so many Macs being part of the project :)

Don’t Cut or Die

From a Philips product I bought today

Adiumy has finally left the beta nest.

Download Adium 1.0 final from www.adiumx.com.


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