Icon replacement for Creative Suite 5 based on a mix of CS5’s product box and icon design.

37 application icons, 300 document icons with application folder icons.

Windows Icons converted by sevenalive: CS5 Icons – Windows .ico

Backup download link at MobileMe: Adobe CS5 Icon Set

Interface, icon and website design for Lights Off, a puzzle game for iPhone & iPod touch.

Spiritual successor to the original Lights Off v1 game for pre-App Store iPhone. We’ve got more features planned for future free updates.

Available on the iPhone App Store

Lights Off Website
Non-iTunes link: AppShopper.com


  • Adobe Encore CS4
  • Adobe OnLocation CS4
  • Adobe Drive CS4
  • Adobe Updater
  • Adobe Media Player
  • Adobe Pixel Bender
  • Adobe ExtendScriptToolkit

Backup download link at MobileMe: Adobe CS4 Icons

iContainer version (doesn’t contain folder icons or custom images for some apps): Adobe CS4 iContainer

Icon set replacement for recently released Creative Studio 4 based on retail product box design once again. Let me know if I’m missing any other CS4 apps.

Backup download link at MobileMe: Adobe CS4 Icons

Interface Design for Ambrosia Software‘s WireTap Anywhere.

WireTap Anywhere is a suite of components that lets you take the audio output from any Mac application or hardware input device and bring it into your favorite audio recording application.

Marcus Conge of Ambrosia Software did a great work on additional graphics, logo and everything else.

You can view WTA in action at WTA Overview Video.

WireTap Anywhere Product Info

My room/office in North Hollywood, California. (High-res image)

I threw away my old desk and bought/assembled new one from Ikea and matching file cabinet. I’ve yet to finish the Apple decal under my chair mat, it will be thin semi-transparent plastic. Right now it’s just paper. All hardwares including Mac Pro are controlled via Logitech Harmony 1000 Universal Remote Control (great hardware but crappy as hell software.)

Photo of opposite side with Man vs Nature decal. (High-res image)

I was gettng pretty tired of standard room posters so I went looking for something more unique and found some great wall decals from blik. One of the best wall decal store you’ll find around.

I’ve added my collection to left sidebar in ‘My Library’ (or direct link to my library webpage) if you’d like to view all visible things I have in my office.

You could also view my collection directly in Delicious Library 2 app by clicking Add button for sidebar shelf and select Add Friend > New Person > enter my name and email address (adambetts at mac.com) DL2 will automatically detect my .Mac Library and download them to your Friends list.

Layer Comps

What does Photoshop’s Layer Comps feature do and why you may need it…

Layer comps will store different layer visibility, position and appearance (layer styles):

New Layer Comp

Here’s an example (with layered PSD file below)…

Continue reading…

Delicious Library 2 Web Publishing

The goal of web publishing is to keep it as simple as possible; everything in one window sheet and avoid using tabs or any other design that would hide steps from users. Here’s a screencast of Web Publishing interface in motion (flash video, no audio):

Item Selection

Comparison of Old, Prototype and Final item selection appearance. While we like spotlight with case highlight one the most, it ultimately didn’t work out as well as we hope due to different item sizes and non resolution independent. It’s not easy to replicate the spotlight effect purely in code so we went with something more lightweight and flexible for every types of item. It works a lot better when in use.

Item Info Panel

Some of you may have seen a different UI for info pane from several websites who provided early look at Delicious Library 2 such as Theocacao, this interface didn’t make it to final build for various reasons. It was inspired by Leopard’s iCal but I believe our implementation are much better. It wasn’t ready for release though and might will come in the future.

You can download a trial version of Delicious Library 2 from www.delicious-monster.com.

Above image color will not be accurate (again) if you view it via other web browsers without color management support but you get the idea.

This should be a must for any photographers or frequent visitor to photo sites such as flickr.

Enable Color Management in FF3’s about:config page

One little (Mac only?) bug: it also color manage the entire window color, rendering all elements (titlebar, buttons, etc.) slightly darker. D’oh!

Doing manipulations like this in record time.

Really neat new digital paint tool technology from Carnegie Mellon University. Think of this of as a mix of Photoshop’s healing brush, clone stamp tool, gradient map and regular brush. With this technology, you could use edge brush to make your middle finger in your emo picture a little longer (curvy even!) to emphasize on your non-existent point. I suspect they’re using the same magic dust that Blue Fairy casted on Pinocchio’s nose.

Demo video
More info at their webpage.

[via John Nack on Adobe]

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