Don’t Cut or Die

From a Philips product I bought today

Mystery Photo #6
ImageLast week’s answer is Hot Dog. Their rival is Hamburger :)

Mystery Photo #6
ImageLast week’s answer is Potato. Mr. Potato Head is the toy based on it.

Hint: it has a rival.

Mystery Photo #5
ImageLast week’s answer is LEGO tire like many have guessed. If this photo is too easy then next one will be very hard :)

Hint: there is a toy based on it.

Mystery Photo #4
ImageLast week’s answer is Coffee. I took a detailed photo of it so I can analyze the textures and figure out why the hell people like it. I could never get into coffee because it tasted like melted wood. I prefer to drink Mountain Dew for breakfast.

Mystery Photo #3
ImageLast week’s answer is Microwave. You might have a cancer already if you stared at it a little too long.

Pixels on LCD Monitor(note: enlarged image is 1600×1500 and 1.2 MB)

It’s pretty interesting to see what LCD pixels look like when zoomed in and macro’d with digital camera.

Each pixel is consisted of three colors (RGB). I think this may be the reason why CMYK looked so crappy on LCD monitors (even with modified ColorSync setting). I usually do all of my CMYK works on secondary monitor (CRT).

I think LCD is better than CRT even though it’s not good at CMYK. It doesn’t make my eyes strain, color overall look more vibrant, save electronic, etc. The only things that annoyed me the most is ghosting problem and screen burn-in. If you leave a white window untouched for a several minutes, it will “print” on the screen and take a while for it to return to correct color. This happens even with top-of-the-line LCDs.

If you plan to buy a LCD soon, make sure it is from quality brand name such as Apple, Sony, Viewsonic, etc with long warranty. Cheap LCD usually have the worst refresh rate and high numbers of dead pixels.

For more info about LCD, go here []

Mystery Photo #1
ImageLast week’s answer is CD Case. It’s the left black border that holds front plastic cover. You Music Collectors should have known better!

Mystery Photo #1

Guess what it is. Answer will be posted with next Mystery Photo.

Took the picture during my brother’s filming on a school project titled SPLIT.

SPLIT by Wayne Betts, Jr.You can view his final film here. It will be worth your time and bandwidth. There won’t be any sound/music in the film but if you think you have the talent and can contribute, you can contact him at [email protected]

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