March 2007

Problem: When dragging a layer with custom Global Light setting to different document, it will reset to either default degree (-120°) or 30°. Other documents will not honor layer’s original light setting.

Dragging a layer from one document to other will reset layer’s Global Light setting

Workaround: Turn off Use Global Light checkbox in Layer Option window in every layers you want to preserve lighting setting before moving to different documents or sending the PSD file to someone else.

Not the best workaround but this is something that annoyed the hell out of me especially when someone move my PSD layers to different document and save/print without realizing the change in global lighting or if you want to save a specific layer style as style preset in Style palette. Adobe could easily fix this by adding a dialog that warn user “Do you want to change current document’s global light setting to match the layer you dragged in?” and OK/Ignore buttons when dropping a layer from different document.

Icon above was originally designed for an upcoming RSS Reader software.

Reason for rejection: Toolbar icons was never fully finished even though client loved the application icon and planned to use it in final version. Why rejected then? Client’s revenge because I couldn’t continue to work on the project due to time restriction. Even threatened a lawsuit for several unfinished toolbar icons.

Almost sounds like a joke but nope :( This is coming from a client I’ve had great relationship in the past. Goes to show you that even the most trustworthy dog will bite you in the face for giving him half bone instead of full piece usually given.

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