I’ve been working with Delicious Monster since late 2006 for various things and this first post is a brief preview of several icons & graphics I’ve done for Delicious Library 2 which came out today.

High-res icons for Shelves

DL2 folding brochure design for TED Conference:

Front View | Back View | Folded

More to come soon. You can download a trial version of Delicious Library 2 from www.delicious-monster.com.

Regarding Erik Barzeski’s comment about Cyndicate app icon from this blog:

The icon was always our idea – we simply asked Adam to implement it. Then, when we hired another icon designer, we gave him the same description.

Adam did not come up with any part of the icon on his own – we told him what colors we wanted, where we wanted the “feediconâ€? located, and even what direction we wanted the hat to point.”

I’m not going to go into how incorrect that statement is here but if Erik actually believed that to be true, he failed to realize that ideas are worth very little, it’s the execution that’s worth its weight in gold.

Let’s have another look at Cyndicate’s original and released icons connected together side by side:

Cyndicate Icons Side by Side

They fitted like any good puzzle set should. The chance of this being a coincidental by the same description is always possible but in this case it doesn’t hold water at all, it’s a blatant rip off pixel-by-pixel.

It’s sad when one refused to give credit where it’s due, claimed ownership over the idea, denying that he ever threatened a lawsuit against me and threatened MacUpdate that he will pull the app from their website if MacUpdate refused to remove the commentary thread about the icon.

Weak form of damage control?

Icon above was originally designed for an upcoming RSS Reader software.

Reason for rejection: Toolbar icons was never fully finished even though client loved the application icon and planned to use it in final version. Why rejected then? Client’s revenge because I couldn’t continue to work on the project due to time restriction. Even threatened a lawsuit for several unfinished toolbar icons.

Almost sounds like a joke but nope :( This is coming from a client I’ve had great relationship in the past. Goes to show you that even the most trustworthy dog will bite you in the face for giving him half bone instead of full piece usually given.

Click for larger version

This is what happens when you let the marketing team takes over the graphic designing.

Read more about it here.

[Thanks George Dorn for the link]

Photoshop 3.0 to CS3 Beta Icons

An interesting icon change for CS3.

I’m going to say it calmly; I certainly hope it is not the final icon design.

Finally, CSSEdit 2 is out today and it is a solid upgrade. I’ve been beta-testing the app and also contributed some icons along with Jan Van Boghout’s icons. He’s such a talented artist and I love his style.

Everyone should check out the Overriding feature. Very helpful, especially for WordPress blog.

MacRabbit’s CSSEdit 2

Overflow 2.0 from Stunt Software.

Voluntary icon design for Overflow 2, an app launcher app I’ve been using since first version and I absolutely love it. Author of Overflow modified the icon slightly so icon background color can be customized in the dock if you change the window color via Appearance preferences.

Overflow Launcher Interface. Press F1 to bring it up.

Handle with care.

The Unarchiver is a new utility that will uncompress many different formats so you don’t have to download each uncompression apps separately such as Stuffit, UnrarX, etc.

The Unarchiver Window

It works in the same way as Mac OS X’s default app BOMArchiver does. You can set a preference to use this utility instead of BOMArchiver for uncompression.

Download it from Versiontracker

This is a voluntary icon project.

The first step you see is a composition test icon to see if it will look great in the dock then the polishing procession begins. You can see my thought process on each steps as they were tested in the dock to see if the composition/details worked or not.

Everyone will have to deal with rejection at some point and here’s my second rejected icon design from the past.

1. iTunes 2. DVD Play 3. Remote and 4. Rejection. Select one to send signal.

Salling Clicker is a remote control utility preference pane to turn a compatible mobile phone or PDA into an advanced wireless two-way remote control for your Mac.

Reason for rejection: Unsure. After one revision, client pulled a Batman with smoke screen.

Rejection in choice of four great flavor:
The “You Suck” rejection.
The “We don’t like you” rejection.
The “It wasn’t me” rejection.
and The non-rejection. – Learn more

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