May 2007

Entire Flag graphics is now available in a single zip file. One caveat: you’ll have to download Old Glory screensaver yourself first then install the graphic manually. I cannot provide them prebuilt as per Old Glory screensaver author’s request. I don’t plan on doing additional flags for a while.

Graphics included: America, Canada, Australia, Iceland, Iraq, Italy, Palestine, Venezuela, Malaysia

Non-country graphics: White Apple on Black, White Apple on Tiger BG, Panther Logo on Black

Instruction: Download Old Glory screensaver, right-click (or ctrl-click) on Old Glory.saver file and select Show Package Contents. Go to Content > Resources. Rename your preferred flag to OldGlory.tiff and drag it to that folder, select Accept when asked if you want to replace the file. Double click Old Glory.saver to install it.

Updated file for QuickTime 7.5.5:

QuickTime Controller Graphics
File Size: 176 KB

Installation: Open System / Library / QuickTime / QuickTimeComponents.component. Right-click and select Show Package Contents. Contents / Resources and replace QuickTimeComponents.rsrc

Note (May 2008): There is updated Adobe CS3 Icon Set that includes higher resolution (512×512 for Leopard) and several more CS3 app icons. Go to this post: Adobe CS3 Hi-Res Icon Set

Adobe InCopy CS3, Adobe Apollo and Adobe Flex Builder icons has been added to main CS3 Icon Replacement file. Separate file for those 3 icon set:

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