Entire Flag graphics is now available in a single zip file. One caveat: you’ll have to download Old Glory screensaver yourself first then install the graphic manually. I cannot provide them prebuilt as per Old Glory screensaver author’s request. I don’t plan on doing additional flags for a while.

Graphics included: America, Canada, Australia, Iceland, Iraq, Italy, Palestine, Venezuela, Malaysia

Non-country graphics: White Apple on Black, White Apple on Tiger BG, Panther Logo on Black

Instruction: Download Old Glory screensaver, right-click (or ctrl-click) on Old Glory.saver file and select Show Package Contents. Go to Content > Resources. Rename your preferred flag to OldGlory.tiff and drag it to that folder, select Accept when asked if you want to replace the file. Double click Old Glory.saver to install it.

To save your time from recreating Mac OS X’s drop shadow setting from scratch in Photoshop, here’s style set you can download and double-click on file to install into Photoshop’s Style palette window. Pick a layer you want to apply this style to and click a style in Style palette window. The settings are 98% accurate to Mac OS X’s drop shadow.

Please wash popcorn butter grease off your hands before touching the new controller bar.

It’s one thing that’s been bothering me for a long, long time but I never thought about replacing it until today. What I didn’t like about current controller graphic for QuickTime plugin typically found in internet browser apps is blurry and bloated old Aqua design from Mac OS X 10.0. New one is more lightweight with similar feeling of latest OS X apps such as Mail.app and Aperture.

Installation: Open System / Library / QuickTime / QuickTimeComponents.component. Right-click and select Show Package Contents. Contents / Resources and replace QuickTimeComponents.rsrc
IMPORTANT: If it damaged your computer or operating system somehow, please direct all your wall-punching angerness to my face through the internet tubes. No really, please backup ‘QuickTimeComponents.rsrc’ before replacing the file.

By the way, can anyone guess which foreign TV commercial is shown in comparison screenshot above? Not much to look at but grass color and road should be good enough for anyone who’ve seen the commercial ;) One of my most favorite TV commercial.

Pez Theme for Mac OS X
It’s baaack! Original Pez Theme for Mac OS X 10.4.x

MacThemes.net Release/Announcement Thread

Thanks to susumu (Website) for porting original Pez Theme to latest OS X version and adding a lot of new elements such as App skins.

Australia Flag Screensaver - US
Palestinian Flag Screensaver
Venezuela Flag Screensaver
Italy Flag Screensaver
and a flag to support their rich and delicious oil…
Iraq Flag Screensaver

(Aug. 29) Note: They’re not available for download anymore. Read here.

British, South Africa, Dutch, Argentina, Malaysia, Russia, Puerto Rican, Slovakian, Finland and Cuba will be in next update.

One thing I’m curious about is why is there a flag of British in Australia flag? Is Australia owned by British?

Flag Screensaver - US
Flag Screensaver - Apple
Flag Screensaver - Iceland
Flag Screensaver - Panther

(Aug. 29) Note: They’re not available for download anymore. Read here.

Australia, Palestinian, Venezuela, and Italy will be in next update. Venezuela is taking a little longer than expected because of the complexness of image logo at top-left. I’ll hold that one for next update.

The rest will come in after that. Should I do a flag for Saddam’s ex-home? How about a flag of his beautifully bearded face?

Flag Screensaver - Canada
Want an OS X Screensaver to show how proud you are of your homeland?

(Aug. 29) Note: They’re not available for download anymore. Read here.

Currently, the only available flag is Canada. US version will come soon (sidenote: I’m a proud resident of US but for some twisted reasons, I decided to do Canada one first :) )

If you would like me to make any other flags, post it in the comment.

Based on Old Glory Screensaver.

Link Cursors Set 2 for Safari
Enough new link cursors to make Mickey Mouse cry.

Thanks to Sage for some of his cool link cursor ideas

Dock Dividers
Is your Dock getting a little too messy and confusing? If so, grab this dock dividers and organize right away!

Update & Credit: Thanks to Will Lesieutre for turning the divider into applescript that does nothing when you accidentally click on it. All divider graphics are now updated to use this applescript as a base app.

Link Cursor for Safari
Have enough of that outdated and inconsistent mickey mouse white glove cursor you see when hovering over a link in Safari?

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