August 2007


Designed the interface for Ambrosia Software‘s iToner based on iPhone’s interface. One of the nice reasons for using iPhone interface is it’ll stand out as a real iPhone app that’ll transfer the ringtones the clean way, not ugly hacks (ie: jailbreak, etc.)

I’m not done with iToner interface design though, I will continue to tweak it and add more graphics to make user experience as smooth as possible.

“iToner enables you to quickly transfer custom ringtones for your iPhone – without modifying, hacking or having to reset your iPhone. Simply drag and drop your MP3 or AAC audio files on iToner’s window, click the Sync button, and you’re done.”

iToner Webpage


Last tuesday, Lucas Newman (developer of Delicious Library) and I built the entire game within three days for C-4 Iron Coder and we won 2nd place next to Video Conference for iPhone.

Download link and brief installation instructions is at Lights Off website.

Movie of it in action

I’ve always loved Lights Out game from Tiger Electronic and iPhone with touch screen couldn’t be any more perfect for Lights Out-type game. This game is freeware and you should use it at your own risk. I’m not going to provide detailed installation instructions here as it’s fairly complex but I will update this post with a link when there is one.

Edit: This instruction is pretty good iPhone Atlas – 5-step process for putting apps on your iPhone

I will be moving to North Hollywood, California this Aug. 17th.

3,000 miles but…
No humidity and Terminator as a government? Priceless.

I’m gonna miss snow but I’m sure the sheer fun of earthquakes will make up for it.

I will probably post pics on the way with my iPhone or shortly after I arrived there.

Regarding Erik Barzeski’s comment about Cyndicate app icon from this blog:

The icon was always our idea – we simply asked Adam to implement it. Then, when we hired another icon designer, we gave him the same description.

Adam did not come up with any part of the icon on his own – we told him what colors we wanted, where we wanted the “feediconâ€? located, and even what direction we wanted the hat to point.”

I’m not going to go into how incorrect that statement is here but if Erik actually believed that to be true, he failed to realize that ideas are worth very little, it’s the execution that’s worth its weight in gold.

Let’s have another look at Cyndicate’s original and released icons connected together side by side:

Cyndicate Icons Side by Side

They fitted like any good puzzle set should. The chance of this being a coincidental by the same description is always possible but in this case it doesn’t hold water at all, it’s a blatant rip off pixel-by-pixel.

It’s sad when one refused to give credit where it’s due, claimed ownership over the idea, denying that he ever threatened a lawsuit against me and threatened MacUpdate that he will pull the app from their website if MacUpdate refused to remove the commentary thread about the icon.

Weak form of damage control?

Get the *real* icon for Cyndicate =)

Cyndicate is a great RSS reader application with nice interface. If you liked PulpFiction (app, not movie), you will like this app too. Personally I still prefer NewsFire as my main RSS reader but here you go:

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