Icon replacement for Creative Suite 5 based on a mix of CS5’s product box and icon design.

37 application icons, 300 document icons with application folder icons.

Windows Icons converted by sevenalive: CS5 Icons – Windows .ico

Backup download link at MobileMe: Adobe CS5 Icon Set

Icon set replacement for recently released Creative Studio 4 based on retail product box design once again. Let me know if I’m missing any other CS4 apps.

Backup download link at MobileMe: Adobe CS4 Icons

All app & document icons now have 512×512 resource for Mac OS X Leopard. Some of them are updated to look cleaner and more icons are added for other Adobe apps. Folder icons are also included.


  • Photoshop Elements 6
  • Director 11
  • ColdFusion
  • Flash Player
  • Media Player

  • Photoshop Lightroom
  • Flex Builder
  • AIR (formerly Apollo)
  • Device Manager
  • Video Encoder
  • Extension Manager

Backup download link at .Mac: Adobe CS3 Hi-Res Icons

If you prefer a 17 MB .7z compressed file instead of 65 MB .zip, you can download a plain version (aka no custom icon applied to .icns files) and folder icons removed: download here

Get the *real* icon for Cyndicate =)

Cyndicate is a great RSS reader application with nice interface. If you liked PulpFiction (app, not movie), you will like this app too. Personally I still prefer NewsFire as my main RSS reader but here you go:

Note (May 2008): There is updated Adobe CS3 Icon Set that includes higher resolution (512×512 for Leopard) and several more CS3 app icons. Go to this post: Adobe CS3 Hi-Res Icon Set

Full icon set replacement for Creative Studio 3 based on CS3 retail product box design.

What’s missing is document icon for Contribute CS3 and few more small CS3 apps. I’ll do second part as soon as Adobe releases more CS3 apps to public.

Note: Some CS3 apps have custom icon applied to them. If app icon didn’t change after installing .icns files, do a Get Info on app and delete its custom icon by clicking on icon at top-left of Get Info window and hit Delete key. Logout or force-quit Finder for icon changes to take effective.

Update: Windows version ported by Eli (the-ace), you can get it from http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/53728408/

As requested, here’s a replacement icon for NewsFire.

Icon Replacement for Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta.

Apparently the current icon for PS CS3 beta is final and will not change for release according to a brief email I got from one nice Adobe staff. So I asked PS CS3 to put some pixels together to make a temporary icon, she agreed.

I love PS 7 icon for its eye and len but I also love PS CS1/2 icons for its simplicity so why not merge them both together with Photoshop CS3’s blue background color.

Also included is a PS CS3 document icon.

A simple update to default Desktop icon so it can join the Mac OS X 10.4 family.

“Ooh, look at my shiny new dashboard.” -Transmit truck driver

Adiumy Smiley Set
Transmit Toolbar Icons Replacement.

Transmit is a truly sweet Mac ftp app with one of the best app icon around but its toolbar icons doesn’t do Transmit a justice. They’re uninspired and inconsistent throughout the app.

This new toolbar set changes that with more consistent style and similar color scheme from main app icon.

Preview: Old | New

This package contains all Toolbar icons, Preference icons and non-Aqua Tabs graphics (to look better with unified toolbar, which you will have to enable yourself with either UNO or Unifier.) Transmit main app icon also received a touch-up for 32×32 and 16×16 so they’ll look sharper (Preview).

I’m aware that purplish-gray color scheme isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so here’s graphite version of the new toolbar set:

Disclaimer: I’m not associated with Panic Software nor designed the main application icon (Transmit Truck.)

A simple and quick fix-up for Apple iTunes 7’s new icon. I didn’t like the icon size, bright blue color and reflection at top of music note. (Preview)

Large iTunes 7 icon (512×512) for Front Row app:

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