Introducing Adam Betts

Who the hell am I?

cameraI have red hair.
chartMost of my freckles fell off (update: they’re back!)
contrastI am deaf.
contrastI use sign language as my main language.
contrastSewer rat can do better english-writing than me.
contrastI am 30 years old.
contrastI am a clean freak.
cupI am crazy over candies.
bookI am liberal.
xhtmlI am a freelance graphic designer.
stopI eat, breath and spit pixels.
tvI watch A&E and History Channel.
MouseI am a proud Mac user.

What the hell is this website?

stopMy Weblog and Portfolio
chartUseful Graphic Tips.
contrastDownloadable Stuffs.
cupCSS Showcase.
cupNot for IE users, sorry.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me, send me an IM or leave a comment on this weblog. I’ll try my best to help people with their graphic arts-related questions.

Note that while I read everything I receive, I will not be able to reply to every e-mail I received.

How to contact me?

stop Personal: Email | AIM Screenname
chartBusiness: Email | Website (old)


I take full responsibility for what’s posted here but take none for comments offered by others. I also reserve the right to erase or edit comments by others which I feel are derogatory or not in the spirit of this site.

I have taken all effort to acknowledge works by others, however if you feel I have violated or taken any work without due acknowledgment, please contact me as soon as possible.


Thanks to Mark Jaquith for his custom code of pingback/trackback single-line in comment area.

Here’s a list of WordPress plugins I currently use: