5 weeks fuse wire.

I’ve planned from the very beginning that we will have a nice explosion mark graphic after 5 weeks has been reached but until recently, last minute design decision changes forced me to remove it altogether but you can see how it’s supposed to look like here in my weblog.


Using same corner radius setting for both outer and inner rounded rectangles will create a “lump” corner like an eaten mice in snake’s stomach.

Mmm, mice!

Radius number should always be lower for inner box. In measurement example picture above, I used 14 px for outer box, 8 px for inner box to create a perfect size border all across the corners.

Photoshop’s Rounded Rectangle Tool Setting.

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Most of the graphics in Reservoir Dogcows website were drawn on paper first to give them a rough feeling similar to ancient time then scanned to Photoshop for color and detail layers.

Click on each images to see a short animation on how they were layered in Photoshop. Nothing complex, I just want to demonstrate that not everything have to be created from scratch in PS, you can use your art talent to assist you.

GIF Animation (360 kb, 24 frames) of WoodStones.

GIF Animation (92 kb, 18 frames) of Guild Banner.

GIF Animation (96 kb, 18 frames) of Dogcow.

I don’t usually post external links but wow this is good:

The World’s Most Photorealistic Vector Art

One of the vector arts: Cat | Outline

Dashboard in Mac OS X 10.4When I first heard of Dashboard in upcoming Tiger Mac OS X, my initial thought was meh, not for me but I was wrong. It’s amazing that any web designers / developers can easily develop a widget using just XHTML / CSS for interface. No Javascript or XML bullshits.

Look at the source code of Stickies widget for an example of how it’s done. Here’s a compressed version of the whole things including plists. (Thanks to Erik Veland for posting them)

I think comparing Dashboard to Konfabulator is a little silly. Read this well-written article from Daring Fireball. He explained why better than anyone can.

If you’re a developer looking to build some decent, full-featured widgets such as Dictionary, etc., send me an email! I’m itching to contribute some graphics.

Up now at Apple Motion – Quick Tour

Jaw-dropping simplicity! The attention to details is truly amazing.

While I don’t use any third-party Photoshop Plug-Ins such as Eye Candy, Xerofex, etc, they do have a bad name for “cheating” the graphics. To me, this is not exactly true because Plug-Ins are created to assist you completing the graphics, not becoming the center of attention like many thought. There’s no such thing like one click = finished piece.

If you want to use third-party Plug-Ins, go ahead! But.. make sure that applied plug-ins only steal less than 10% of attention in finished piece. The more attention it steals, the more amateur it looks. If you don’t want it to look too generic, customize the applied graphic separately by smudging, lowering contrast/saturation, etc until to a point where they doesn’t look too “plugins-ish”.

Adiumy Smiley

Since some fathers (Adium users) of Adiumy Duck Icon demanded to see their long lost son, I thought I should send in a pic of their sons to hold them for a while. Once the Extreme Make-Up® is done, they will be sent to home.

Graphics like this may seem like easy to make but it isn’t. You only have so few pixels to work on and adding one pixel can really affect the overall look. What’s even more challenging is deforming the beak and making facial expression to look as clear as possible so you don’t have to squint your eyes.

Any suggestion/feedback will be appreciated. I’m debating about doing smileys for 4 other colors (yellow, purple, blue and red) but I’m not sure if it will be worth my time.

Flapping Adiumy

ImageI ordered several trophies and plaques yesterday and got them in today via UPS (United Pixel Shipping). The total weight of the package is around 100MB.

The models were made in Cinema 4D then brought to Photoshop for some touching up (Cinema 4D isn’t that great at rendering vibrant colors, IMO). All of the texts were done in Photoshop because I want to put some emphasis on them. They’ll look crappy if used with real shadowing.



Four years ago when I was an amateur at Photoshop, I’ve wanted to make something cool for April Fool Day and came up with Shuttle launching in New York City. It’s purely experimental and have no hidden meaning.

I used Lens Flare and Burn Tool to achieve the look.

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