Disclaimer: Firefox Icon were designed by Jon Hicks and Firefox Team.

I’ve never liked current Firefox icon although I do admire its artistic design. It just simply didn’t fit in with OS X and I went to touch it up, adding more details for fox, made new globe to be more subtle and gave it correct icon weight so it’ll look good in your Dock.

Dock comparison shot: Preview

Xee is a lightweight, fast and convenient image viewer and browser.

Xee (Versiontracker | MacUpdate) is a relatively known Preview.app replacement application. I discovered the app a few days ago and I’m liking it over Preview for its functions and speed. I wanted to give it a cooler icon but with similar position/perspective of Preview icon for better recognizability.

Eye is inspired from old Xee icon (Preview)

Status Bar icons are also changed (Preview).

Yes, that’s right, 9.3%.

Google Earth (Current icon preview) is an amazing software but there’s no question that its icon and interface are ugly. I’m going to make google earth’s interface beautiful (well that’s impossible) semi-ugly. There are some improved graphics for interface but I have no plan of doing them all. Not worth my effort unless I’m getting paid for it. Enjoy what I have for now.

Some more previews of what’s changed: Toolbar Icons, Placemark, Sidebar and Overview Map

Cleaner and less foreign menu icon for Mac software Quicksilver

Chilly, iBook-esque Duck.

Made by my brother Wayne Betts Jr.

Call of Duty
Mac OS X Icon Replacement for Call of Duty 2.

Current icon is so bad I had to make new one right away. Includes both Single Player and Multiplayer icons.

I loved original Call of Duty and this is looking to be another great game.

Adiumy Smiley Set
Adiumy Smiley Set for Adium.

Adiumy Smiley Set released.

Application Icon Replacement - Flash/Fireworks MX 2004
More replacement icons.

All Applications Document Icons are also included in the package.

Application Icon Replacement - Dreamweaver MX 2004
The sound of balls of steel hitting each other is getting really annoying, not to mention that it’s ugly and bloated.

The logo they used for splash screen is pretty nice and should be used as an icon instead. Why they didn’t do this is beyond me.

Say good-bye to those balls of steel.

Industech Icon Set - Click to see full-size image
Industech icon set is a mixture of Industrial and Technology.

ImageI’ve also made a desktop background to go with Industech Icon Set but I never was really happy with the result. I’m putting it up because I’m sure there’s some people who would like a copy of it.

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