October 2006

Mac Heist – From the Creators of My Dream App.

This is one of the several exciting projects I’ve been working on lately. Seriously cool events and software freebies coming for Mac OS X users, you won’t want to miss it out (trust me on that.)

Mac Heist Teaser Page
(sign up for latest info coming in a few weeks.)

The team I’m working with is the creators of hugely successful My Dream App, I’m a new addition to the team as a graphic/website designer.

Want to know the REAL Adam Betts?


Disclaimer: He was almost my twin brother but missed one vital gene.

I’m not sure if it’s cool or not to do something like this:


What do you think? Bandwidth/content hogging or that’s just how RSS reader works for some people?

[edit: It’s straightened out, thanks KapitalD1 for explaining the situation. It’s the way his RSS reader works.]

Remember the Mooglet Pill graphic I made a while ago? The pill in teal and white color? When client first asked me if I could try changing the pill color from blue to teal, my first thought is “Teal pill?!? Kinda odd color choice for a pill because it’s something I’ve never seen before in real life.” But I went ahead and found the right teal color to use.

Then a few weeks later, I’ve been to doctor several times for Thyroid and body checkup and apparently they found out that my real problem is panic attack, not thyroid’s low hormones (although it is a small part of the problem.) So they gave me a prescription for it and when I opened the bottle, I felt pretty lousy and laughed about it. Know why? It is 100% exact same as graphic I made.

Nifty app I found today: Ping 1.0, it’s a simple (and free!) app for compressing your png files without any quality losses. Photoshop’s PNG is the worst offender and this’ll help reduce the file size and save your web bandwidth. I got a 440 KB PNG file down to 356 KB and they’re virtually identical in graphic quality.

Completely unrelated but I had to mention this Xbox 360 deal at Fry’s Outpost.com, they’re selling Xbox 360 Premium with three games; Saint’s Row, Dead Rising and Test Drive Unlimited for $450. Original price is $560 so grab yours today before the deal expires at Oct. 17th. I got my order in. Next month, Wii and Zelda: Twilight Princess, I can’t wait :)

Overflow 2.0 from Stunt Software.

Voluntary icon design for Overflow 2, an app launcher app I’ve been using since first version and I absolutely love it. Author of Overflow modified the icon slightly so icon background color can be customized in the dock if you change the window color via Appearance preferences.

Overflow Launcher Interface. Press F1 to bring it up.

Remember the annoying “You are the Winner!” ad gif animation? They took it to the next level.

Imagine it as fully animated in Flash.

I like the simple header for Wii box art but I bet it’s very awkward for box designer because of the blank space between left side to Wii tab on the right. It’s going to be difficult to get a right title layout without pushing it too far down or rotate title diagonally to fit (ugh.)

You can read some of my comments in judge comments section.

My Dream App – Vote & Live Result

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