I usually dislike black or extreme dark colored background but somehow OS X Leopard and its starry theme converted me. Leather background with punch holes and sparky metal Apple logo. Plain version without Apple logo is also available for both single and dual displays.

Leather BG with Apple Logo1920×1200

Plain Leather BG1920×1200

Click for full preview

A galaxy background with Apple logo to honor the great birth of Leopard yesterday. Right-click and save as:

Conquer the Universe1920×1200

Non-Apple (also good for dual display)1920×1200

Available in Blue and Graphite 1280×1024

When I saw this picture of torn paper at iStockphoto, I thought it’s too good not to turn into desktop background so I bought it right away and masked away the background and put this on gradient background. If you would like different color options and/or screen size, I’m willing to do up to two popular ones as I’m pretty busy lately with several projects.

Right-click and save as:
Be Original Blue1280×1024, 1920×1200
Be Original Graphite1280×1024, 1920×1200

Credit: Torn paper purchased from iStockphoto. Photographer: DNY59

[edit: Be Original image is now licensed. Download away!]

Season Changes. 1280×1024 and 1600×1280

Credit: Season illustrations by talented artist Silveryn

Right side included for dual screen setup.



Graphite version for Thick Strip | Blue version for Thin Strip

If you want to modify the color, etc., here’s a Photoshop file.

A path line to your goal?

Based on Apple GarageBand’s GUI

Image    Image    

Third one is a photoshop file with two layers; Metal Apple Logo and Color BG which can be set to any color/pattern of your choice.

Pixelated Desktop BG based on a forum signature I’m using.

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