My room/office in North Hollywood, California. (High-res image)

I threw away my old desk and bought/assembled new one from Ikea and matching file cabinet. I’ve yet to finish the Apple decal under my chair mat, it will be thin semi-transparent plastic. Right now it’s just paper. All hardwares including Mac Pro are controlled via Logitech Harmony 1000 Universal Remote Control (great hardware but crappy as hell software.)

Photo of opposite side with Man vs Nature decal. (High-res image)

I was gettng pretty tired of standard room posters so I went looking for something more unique and found some great wall decals from blik. One of the best wall decal store you’ll find around.

I’ve added my collection to left sidebar in ‘My Library’ (or direct link to my library webpage) if you’d like to view all visible things I have in my office.

You could also view my collection directly in Delicious Library 2 app by clicking Add button for sidebar shelf and select Add Friend > New Person > enter my name and email address (adambetts at DL2 will automatically detect my .Mac Library and download them to your Friends list.

Click on pic to see medium size of my room. Full-size version.
Pic of my previous displays setup.

To see how fast Mac Pro Clovertown is, check this Quicktime movie of Cinema 4D 10.1 rendering a slightly complex scene (scene is a demo included in Cinema 4D package); (2 MB)

In menu extras on the top-right of screen, you’ll see 8 different percentages and you can see that Cinema 4D took full advantage of all 8 cores.

I’m really loving the speed improvement but Photoshop CS3 doesn’t seem to be truly taking advantage of all cores so the speed improvement isn’t as dramatic as Cinema 4D rendering but it’s still pretty acceptable to me. I just need to upgrade from 2 GB of RAM to 3 or 4 GB to make Photoshop really happy.

“With great power comes great RAM requirement.”


(Note: this 2003 setup is outdated, please see above post for latest setup)

My sweet computer desk.. Very comfortable if you’re doing a graphic work on it. I can’t think too well with a messy desk

Computer: Apple PowerMac G4 1.47 GHz
Memory: 1.25 GB
Monitors: Apple 17′ LCD | Mitsubishi 22′ CRT
Graphic Cards: ATI Radeon 9800 128MB | ATI Radeon 8500 64MB

If you’re scared of getting Carpal Tunnel, you should get those Mouse and Keyboard Gel ErgoPAD from Belkin. They’re one of the most comfortable gel pad I’ve ever used. I’m walking through the Comfort Tunnel :)


(Note: this 2003 setup is outdated, please see above post for latest setup)

Not exactly my favorite setup because of ugly-ass tv stand. I’m looking for a great tv stand so if you have any recommendations, leave it in the comment with a product url if available :) I like a minimalist look without all of the fancy curves (think iPod comparing to Rio Player)

I’m thinking of adding XBOX and PS2 to the shelf because Halo 2, Driver 3, Grand Theft Auto 4 and Kill Zone are looking to be a fun and decent games.

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