May 2004

I got accepted as a beta-tester for Blizzard‘s World of Warcraft a few days ago and I’m very, very addicted to it already. This is the kind of game where you wish you could stop doing anything just to have more time playing it. Even non-hardcore gamers will love this game.

Going back to WoW…

Mystery Photo #6
ImageLast week’s answer is Hot Dog. Their rival is Hamburger :)

Adiumy - I'm just a bird...
Adium Icon was perhaps one of the most controversial icons I’ve done. It’s one of my early works and was the key icon that got me into the whole OS X Icon Scene.

From what I’ve read on the forums, emails I’ve gotten, comments on software update sites, etc; public’s opinions on Adiumy Duck was fairly split. Some hated it with a passion and some loved it with a red cherry.

Here’s few of the amusing comments (some funny, some really stupid) regarding Adiumy Duck Icon that I’ve found:

“I hate the stupid squawking bird icon”

“What’s with all the bird icons for Adium? They all creep me out…those eyes just staring…”

“I think that bird-type-creature looks horribly ugly.”

“Once you replace the butt ugly icon with other icon it’s a great program”

“This mismatch of Aqua and chicken-scratch icons is headache-inducing.”

” WAUGH! The new dock icon sucks!”

“I won’t use Adium because I don’t want to bother editing the icon”

“I have to say I REALLLY do hate that duck, just screams ms office assistant to me. Don’t get me wrong I love little character things but when they’re not corny like that duck ugh thats why mine is hello kitty instead.”

“New dock icon please That dock icon is ugly”

“He goes against Apple’s guidelines; a photo-realistic icon that represents the function of the app and instead creates a cartoon bird that represents nothing of what the app is about.”

“I use Proteus. I would use Adium if not for that fscked up duck. *shudder*
It’s just so… duck-ish… WTF does a duck have to do with instant messaging?”

Those kinds of comments do not offend me in the slightest. I’m only laughing because it’s funny how a completely harmless and simple-minded bird could cause so much pain in some people.

It’s also funny how some people refused to use an app just because of the icon. It’s like saying “I won’t go outside because I don’t like the color of the sky.” That Hello Kitty comment is hilarious because Adiumy Duck couldn’t possibly be any cornier than Hello Kitty :)

Psiona's Costumes for Adiumy BirdWithout those haters, Adiumy Duck probably won’t be at a celebrity status like he is now. Psiona (Official Costume Designer for Adium) also contributed a lot to his popularity by designing some award-winning costumes. Give her portfolio a check and you’ll be impressed.

All in all, I’m glad that Adiumy Duck is enjoying his life even though he couldn’t comprehend most of the insults to him (a good thing if you ask me). Now only if he finds a girlfriend…

Mystery Photo #6
ImageLast week’s answer is Potato. Mr. Potato Head is the toy based on it.

Hint: it has a rival.

The reason I edited Monday’s post out was that I recently got a project inquiry from Microsoft IT Department for Icon Design and I want to avoid any potential conflict of interest. I know I should be putting my foot in mouth for contradicting myself but I love a large and challenging project and this one interest me.

The only problem is that they require an active business license and we don’t have that right now. I’ve also gotten a project inquiry from ATI a while ago but I have to turn them down for the same reason.

Right now I’m going to learn more about getting a business license. If you know a great place to get information about getting one, it would be appreciated if you could post it here. Thanks.

I’m beginning to get sick of one thing and it’s people asking me to do Windows Icons for their applications. Don’t get me wrong, this is perfectly okay with me but when I said I’m not interested, some of them tried to fool me by sending me a different email under a different name and email address and even claiming that they’re developing for Mac OS X. This has been happening more than several time and I’m pretty unhappy about it. One of them went as far as saying that if I know any better, designing icons for Windows is the right way to go. This coming from a medium-sized company.

The reasons behind this are that I prefer to follow other platform’s guidelines closely and have the right resources to do so instead of designing icons with a blindfold. I’m not familiar and have no interest into learning Windows or any other platform’s guidelines. There’s no way I will be designing OS X style (or the over-abused word ‘Aqua’) icons for Windows because that is NOT their main style.

[/end rant]

Big Bang ChessFreeVerse recently released a new freeware game called Big Bang Chess. I was never a fan of FreeVerse games (feel too ‘Carbon-ish’, some weak graphics, etc) but this new game really changed my opinion. The graphics and OpenGL effects in it are very well-done and beautiful. It’s one of the most OS X-like game I’ve seen next to Stratéges, iConquer, JewelToy, and few others.

The only thing I don’t like about it is, of course, weak App Icon :)

If you’re on Mac OS X 10.3, give it a try.

Mystery Photo #5
ImageLast week’s answer is LEGO tire like many have guessed. If this photo is too easy then next one will be very hard :)

Hint: there is a toy based on it.

PulpFiction - Coming Soon

PulpFiction will be available at an introductory price when it’s out at May 15th. Better grab it while it’s fresh!

One thing I’m curious about is if there’s a high demand for Graphite Icon? I would be glad to make them if enough people prefer Graphite over Color.

Some of you have been asking when will I release next batch of Flag Screensavers, I plan on releasing them sometime next two weeks. My clients’ projects is on the highest priorities right now.

Several more flags will come after that then it’ll be the last. I have some other ideas that I would like to work on next :)

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