I’m beginning to get sick of one thing and it’s people asking me to do Windows Icons for their applications. Don’t get me wrong, this is perfectly okay with me but when I said I’m not interested, some of them tried to fool me by sending me a different email under a different name and email address and even claiming that they’re developing for Mac OS X. This has been happening more than several time and I’m pretty unhappy about it. One of them went as far as saying that if I know any better, designing icons for Windows is the right way to go. This coming from a medium-sized company.

The reasons behind this are that I prefer to follow other platform’s guidelines closely and have the right resources to do so instead of designing icons with a blindfold. I’m not familiar and have no interest into learning Windows or any other platform’s guidelines. There’s no way I will be designing OS X style (or the over-abused word ‘Aqua’) icons for Windows because that is NOT their main style.

[/end rant]