July 2006

A Massively Multiplayer Online Game also known as World of Warcrack for its addiction.

Timeline for Art of Adam Betts Weblog

Undeadbetts was my main character. Her class is Priest with the role of healing people and casting beneficial buffs . It took me more than one year and approximately $300 (not including game cost and monthly fee) to get top gears/weapons so I can stay competitive with other players.

Why did I play WoW for so long? Three reasons: Continue reading…

Yes, that’s right, 9.3%.

Google Earth (Current icon preview) is an amazing software but there’s no question that its icon and interface are ugly. I’m going to make google earth’s interface beautiful (well that’s impossible) semi-ugly. There are some improved graphics for interface but I have no plan of doing them all. Not worth my effort unless I’m getting paid for it. Enjoy what I have for now.

Some more previews of what’s changed: Toolbar Icons, Placemark, Sidebar and Overview Map

Testing their new store with one candy purchase and oh my, what a speedy delivery.

Product: Spree Candy
Qty: 1

Ordered: June 18, 2006
Item Shipped: July 27, 2006
Delivery estimate: August 10, 2006 – August 21, 2006

Yeah… This candy is so special it’ll take precious time to deliver. As listed on their product description page:

• Unique and fun candy that charges your taste buds and sparks the imagination!

You know you have to get the candy!

All projects and posts will be on hold until next week or so while I focus on health. Doctors and lot of testing…

Update 7/27: Echocardiography testing (for heart): passed, no problems (whew.)

I found out few days ago that I have hypothyroidism disease after going to emergency room last week for heart palpitations (rapid heart beating) and swollen feet. The disease in short is: Inadequate levels of thyroid hormone in the body. It caused many symptoms that I’ve long thought to be normal such as brain fog, increased sensitivity to heat and cold (very cold hands/feet even during hot day), dry puffy skin (like nintendo’s kirby), fatigue, shortness of breath, anxiety, paleness, weak bowel movements, etc and most importantly lack of focus which is often misdiagnosed as ADD. This explains why I’m unable to work on projects for longer than few hours. Check wikipedia page for a longer list of signs and symptoms

Either changing body hormones or 1+ year of long sitting playing World of Warcraft triggered some of the serious symptoms. If latter is in fact what affected me, I’m glad it happened or otherwise I’ll never find out about this disease. For more info on this disease:


I’m taking medicines right now but Thyroid medicine will take 4-6 weeks to kick in. Any of you experiencing some form of Thyroid disease too?

It is recommended that you do not laugh at those icons made by me in 2000-01.

Nobody can beat the “photorealistic” magnify glass and application name inside window’s body, how brilliant is that!?

I used to go “Omg, this has to be my most detailed and beautiful icon. This icon will be the one that get Apple to hire me.” I really need to slap old Adam for even thinking about that.

Hey, what if I insert ham instead of flag, what will happen?

Cleaner and less foreign menu icon for Mac software Quicksilver

A simple new icon for Chax. I’m beginning to like Adium more now but I still have to use iChat most of the time for video chats and this plugin will add a lot of features to iChat such as tabbed window. This icon is my contribution to Chax developer for making an useful software.

If you want to replace the menu badge (Preview) to something more interesting, download menu-badge.tiff and put them in ~ / Library / InputManagers / Chax / Chax.bundle / Contents / Resources / Chax_main.bundle / Contents / Resources.

Chilly, iBook-esque Duck.

Made by my brother Wayne Betts Jr.

Preference Toolbar Icons

Old/New Comparison

New Colors

Head over to Phillryu.com blog for Adiumy Icons download link.

Here’s a photoshop file if you want to play with different colors. Includes some sample colors and level control. Level is mostly used for bright color.

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