July 2006

Right side included for dual screen setup.

Incorrect icon weight on the right.

Avoid cramming the 128×128 canvas with full-size square graphic. It’ll make your dock feel heavier and not balanced.

What you’ll want to do:

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Check Phillryu.com blog for an interview on Adium icon’s history and what’s coming next.

Adam Betts on the Adium Icon’s Past, Present & Future

Refreshed Adium icons will be ready this Tuesday.

Call of Duty
Mac OS X Icon Replacement for Call of Duty 2.

Current icon is so bad I had to make new one right away. Includes both Single Player and Multiplayer icons.

I loved original Call of Duty and this is looking to be another great game.

Pez Theme for Mac OS X
It’s baaack! Original Pez Theme for Mac OS X 10.4.x

MacThemes.net Release/Announcement Thread

Thanks to susumu (Website) for porting original Pez Theme to latest OS X version and adding a lot of new elements such as App skins.

Adiumy Smiley Set
Adiumy Smiley Set for Adium.

Adiumy Smiley Set released.

Art of Adam Betts v1 design.

Boom, no more hockey puck.

The new plan for this updated weblog is:

  • One post per year (two if the weather outside is beautiful.)
  • Less texts, more pixels (less bad grammars, woot!)
  • Fixes for IE browser. *sigh*

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