Problem: When dragging a layer with custom Global Light setting to different document, it will reset to either default degree (-120°) or 30°. Other documents will not honor layer’s original light setting.

Dragging a layer from one document to other will reset layer’s Global Light setting

Workaround: Turn off Use Global Light checkbox in Layer Option window in every layers you want to preserve lighting setting before moving to different documents or sending the PSD file to someone else.

Not the best workaround but this is something that annoyed the hell out of me especially when someone move my PSD layers to different document and save/print without realizing the change in global lighting or if you want to save a specific layer style as style preset in Style palette. Adobe could easily fix this by adding a dialog that warn user “Do you want to change current document’s global light setting to match the layer you dragged in?” and OK/Ignore buttons when dropping a layer from different document.

New blog design for my brother’s company Mösdeux.

Mösdeux’s Behind the Scene Blog

Check the blog in action. You’ll see that I locked the floor to bottom of browser window all the time and the reason for this is to give blog site a production-ish feeling. In movie you rarely see floor but characters and objects all the time and in production you’ll notice floor the most with lot of guide tapes, boxes, equipments, wires, etc. The big black poster behind the body content is a “flip-side” of original Mösdeux blog design.

I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing the progression of this huge film project. They got some of the best people and more people will be coming over the days including a dedicated sound team.

Check the photos and you’ll be proud to see so many Macs being part of the project :)

Delicious Generation

T-Shirt PreviewA light-hearted poke at Paul Kafasis’ blog post about the Delicious Generation.

Since Disco was one of the most controversial app that spawned a heated discussions about flash & sizzle apps vs. plain but functional apps, there’s no other better symbols to use for “Delicious Generation” than Disco’s app icon and one of its snazzy features; smoking effect on top of window during CD burning. With upcoming Core Animation which will be in Mac OS X 10.5, it couldn’t get any more delicious.

Several people will be wearing the t-shirt at Macworld Expo 2007. Interested in buying the t-shirt? Send an email to [email protected] with “Delicious Generation T-Shirt” in subject line.

[Update: You will be seeing a different version of this logo at Macworld. It will be simplified and made to be fully vector due to printing restriction at their selected t-shirt manufacturer. Pe8er is handling the artwork flattening and conversion to vector.]

Credit: Disco ball artwork from Jasper Hauser and Hugo van Heuven. Used with permission.

Temporary (?) Official Graphic for Photoshop CS3 Beta

I’d like to preview one of my most favorite things about PS CS3 Beta; the new palette system.

Both sides collapsed

One expanded side, one collapsed side

One expanded side, one collapsed side with individual palette (Text Character palette in this screenshot) being expanded

Both sides expanded

As for bugs/glitches that bothered me a lot in current photoshop version, they only fixed 6 out of around 20. I believe they’ll eventually fix some more before final version but so far it’s looking solid to me. Is it solid enough for daily use? I’ll find out soon.

Mac Heist – From the Creators of My Dream App.

Mac Heist

Finally after our crazy dedications (!) to the website, it’s now ready for only a few randomly selected people who signed up. They will have limited inviting power very soon. If you didn’t get an email invitation yet, have some patience, you could be in second, third or fourth round of mass email invitations soon!

Once again, this is not the event to miss if you’re a Mac user. I’ve seen some of the things they got planned and it’s going to be really fun :)

Mac Heist – From the Creators of My Dream App.

This is one of the several exciting projects I’ve been working on lately. Seriously cool events and software freebies coming for Mac OS X users, you won’t want to miss it out (trust me on that.)

Mac Heist Teaser Page
(sign up for latest info coming in a few weeks.)

The team I’m working with is the creators of hugely successful My Dream App, I’m a new addition to the team as a graphic/website designer.

Remember the annoying “You are the Winner!” ad gif animation? They took it to the next level.

Imagine it as fully animated in Flash.

I like the simple header for Wii box art but I bet it’s very awkward for box designer because of the blank space between left side to Wii tab on the right. It’s going to be difficult to get a right title layout without pushing it too far down or rotate title diagonally to fit (ugh.)

Here’s a compilations of most Web 2.0 controllers. If I forget any major web 2.0 video site, post the link in the comment and I’ll add them here.

Google Video: One of the best. Subtle, soothing and very functional.

Yahoo Video: Nicely done with purple theme.

AOL Video: So much wasted space. Plain but simple and clear enough.

imeem: Also plain but I like this one better as blank area (white) is transparent so it’ll blend in with your webpage color.

Continue reading…

The Mafia Website

New website design for World of Warcraft guild ‘The Mafia’.

This one is a little old (Jan 2006) but I want to post it here anyway since very few people know about it. All pages other than front page are pretty much incomplete or unchanged from default template so don’t bother checking them. Coder I worked with were pretty busy with his real life so he couldn’t finish them all :(

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