Delicious Generation

T-Shirt PreviewA light-hearted poke at Paul Kafasis’ blog post about the Delicious Generation.

Since Disco was one of the most controversial app that spawned a heated discussions about flash & sizzle apps vs. plain but functional apps, there’s no other better symbols to use for “Delicious Generation” than Disco’s app icon and one of its snazzy features; smoking effect on top of window during CD burning. With upcoming Core Animation which will be in Mac OS X 10.5, it couldn’t get any more delicious.

Several people will be wearing the t-shirt at Macworld Expo 2007. Interested in buying the t-shirt? Send an email to with “Delicious Generation T-Shirt” in subject line.

[Update: You will be seeing a different version of this logo at Macworld. It will be simplified and made to be fully vector due to printing restriction at their selected t-shirt manufacturer. Pe8er is handling the artwork flattening and conversion to vector.]

Credit: Disco ball artwork from Jasper Hauser and Hugo van Heuven. Used with permission.