Here’s a compilations of most Web 2.0 controllers. If I forget any major web 2.0 video site, post the link in the comment and I’ll add them here.

Google Video: One of the best. Subtle, soothing and very functional.

Yahoo Video: Nicely done with purple theme.

AOL Video: So much wasted space. Plain but simple and clear enough.

imeem: Also plain but I like this one better as blank area (white) is transparent so it’ll blend in with your webpage color.

YouTube: Great for 50 inches monitor.

Metacafe: Slightly over the top but pretty functional.

Veoh: Clean. I dislike detached controller but this one works well.

SelfCastTV: Serious abuse of drop shadow.

GameTrailers: Pretty sleek and functional but a little too thin.

GameVideos: Bizarre composition, not very functional.

Stupid Videos: Pretty good with clear composition.

DivX Video: Not my type but it works. Bar thumb is a little too abstract.

College Humor and Vimeo: Very over the top but inline with their website brand, it just looks out of place when embedded in other webpage. Subtle but video time is almost unreadable.

Unknown: Not sure who this belongs to but it is one of the most professional design next to Google Video.

Edit: Additional controllers below

JibJab: I like the clean structure and somewhat modern design of UNIX OS UI.

MotionBox Classic Mode: Nice and roomy.

MotionBox New Mode: Pretty innovative with new controller design although it might will scare away some people.

MySpace: Surprisingly nice design for a site like MySpace.

Which controller is your most/least favorite?