Click on pic to see medium size of my room. Full-size version.
Pic of my previous displays setup.

To see how fast Mac Pro Clovertown is, check this Quicktime movie of Cinema 4D 10.1 rendering a slightly complex scene (scene is a demo included in Cinema 4D package); (2 MB)

In menu extras on the top-right of screen, you’ll see 8 different percentages and you can see that Cinema 4D took full advantage of all 8 cores.

I’m really loving the speed improvement but Photoshop CS3 doesn’t seem to be truly taking advantage of all cores so the speed improvement isn’t as dramatic as Cinema 4D rendering but it’s still pretty acceptable to me. I just need to upgrade from 2 GB of RAM to 3 or 4 GB to make Photoshop really happy.

“With great power comes great RAM requirement.”

Mac Pro Clovertown 3gHz and two Apple Cinema Display 23″

8 cores

Full setup pic and brief review will be coming in a few days

the wphj blog > Interview with Adam Betts

In the interview I talked a bit about Aldus Superpaint. Here’s screenshots of Aldus Superpaint that I used a long time ago:

I still miss this app :(

I’ve waited for almost two years for this Mac Pro.

Bought along with two 23 inch Apple Displays. Total price: $6,700. Very expensive but will be worth it for many years.

About time to bury my Powermac G4 Quicksilver. It’s dying :(

Adiumy has finally left the beta nest.

Download Adium 1.0 final from



I’ve been insanely busy with two large but exciting projects, one being MacHeist which is around 7-8 weeks worth of works almost 6 hours everyday and another one is big software project which I’d rather not announce yet until company OK’d it.

I’ve also been working on other two small projects during my free time, one was for my brother’s real job HOVRS. My brother and I did website design and various graphics for their newest sub-website titled HOVRS Purple VIP with exclusive contents only available to Purple VIP members and another various stuffs that you may/may not see in the future.


At midnight, there’ll be another post showing a graphic that couldn’t make it into 5th weeks MacHeist web design due to recent design changes.

You want true entertainment? This is it.

My Wii Code:
4303 4803 7101 5528

We have to register code on both sides for us to be able to send email/seeing ours & your Miis.

Liking Wii Sports so far. Been playing with my dad on Wii Golf and he absolutely love it and also bowling and baseball (he was 100% non-gamer before Wii.) He said he wanted Nintendo to make Wii Basketball and Wii Soccer next haha.

I’ll play Zelda: TP when he’s tired from Wii Sports =)

HOVRS, Inc. – Hands On Video Relay Service

With Wayne’s promotion, you’ll never see a design like above with Comic Sans again ;)

My brother Wayne Betts, Jr. just got promoted to Creative Marketing Manager at HOVRS, Inc. (a medium-sized company.)

Way to go, bro! :)

I just couldn’t wait for my Wii Console to arrive so I went ahead and tested it on my XBOX360. Amazingly it worked! See the result for yourself.

Inserting Zelda: Twilight Princess DVD into XBOX360…

Reading… blah blah blah

And the introduction movie played on my Sony TV

Here’s what I used as a controller:

Note: This is not photoshopped.

I played the game and rate it 0 out of 5 stars because the controller aren’t working, I can’t press start at “Press Start” screen, WTF I don’t get it? Nintendo sux anyway.

Disclaimer: This post is meant to be sarcastic =)

Got it this morning :)

Now I gotta wait till Nov 21st.

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