Above image color will not be accurate (again) if you view it via other web browsers without color management support but you get the idea.

This should be a must for any photographers or frequent visitor to photo sites such as flickr.

Enable Color Management in FF3’s about:config page

One little (Mac only?) bug: it also color manage the entire window color, rendering all elements (titlebar, buttons, etc.) slightly darker. D’oh!

Doing manipulations like this in record time.

Really neat new digital paint tool technology from Carnegie Mellon University. Think of this of as a mix of Photoshop’s healing brush, clone stamp tool, gradient map and regular brush. With this technology, you could use edge brush to make your middle finger in your emo picture a little longer (curvy even!) to emphasize on your non-existent point. I suspect they’re using the same magic dust that Blue Fairy casted on Pinocchio’s nose.

Demo video
More info at their webpage.

[via John Nack on Adobe]

Media TempleJust transferred this weblog from my shitty host provider (powweb.com) to mediatemple (referral link) and the sky is now crispy blue and ducks wearing rollerskate to cross the street.

Shawn Blanc’s post about mediatemple sold me. I used an easier way of importing large MySQL dump file (wordpress and mint database) by using this php script MySQLDumper

How’s the site speed to you guys now? Everything should be faster including file downloads, your eye-reading speed, etc. RSS should also feed to your favorite rss reader by about 0.02 ms faster.

With the additional of sidenotes like this one, it should allow me to post a teeny bit more frequent since writing even one sentence is the biggest headache for me. The sad fact is I usually waste hours on post with few sentences but only brief time on graphics. I’m jealous at people who can write with ease without worrying about sounding like a 5th grade idiot with basic grammar and limited vocabularies.

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