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The Art of Adam Betts » (mt)’d

Media TempleJust transferred this weblog from my shitty host provider (powweb.com) to mediatemple (referral link) and the sky is now crispy blue and ducks wearing rollerskate to cross the street.

Shawn Blanc’s post about mediatemple sold me. I used an easier way of importing large MySQL dump file (wordpress and mint database) by using this php script MySQLDumper

How’s the site speed to you guys now? Everything should be faster including file downloads, your eye-reading speed, etc. RSS should also feed to your favorite rss reader by about 0.02 ms faster.

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  1. Alex Gordon says:

    Speed is much better! (mt) are great though, all the best sites seem to be hosted with them.

    BTW, the comment field background color is completely white in camino (and firefox I assume) so because the foreground text color is white too I can’t see a damn thing. I’m having to write this in TextMate.

  2. Adam Betts says:

    I’ve removed the custom style for textbox. Text box background is supposed to be dark color but it didn’t work in Camino (works ok in Firefox 3 RC1 though.)

  3. Marc says:

    Loads pretty slow actually but perhaps that’s because I’m in Europe. I’ve been hosting my websites with MT for about a year but switched to another host because of these speed issues.

  4. Paul says:

    Have fun with the weekly downtime and consitent “server maintenance”.

  5. maccritters says:

    i recently cancelled mt account and switched to another and cheaper hosting. i heard so much good stuff about mt but i was very disappointing with their up time. as well as frequent server maintenance.

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