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The Art of Adam Betts » Fantastic Gradient Brush Technology

Doing manipulations like this in record time.

Really neat new digital paint tool technology from Carnegie Mellon University. Think of this of as a mix of Photoshop’s healing brush, clone stamp tool, gradient map and regular brush. With this technology, you could use edge brush to make your middle finger in your emo picture a little longer (curvy even!) to emphasize on your non-existent point. I suspect they’re using the same magic dust that Blue Fairy casted on Pinocchio’s nose.

Demo video
More info at their webpage.

[via John Nack on Adobe]

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  1. Steffan Williams says:

    Now that’s impressive! Could be quite fun to play about with…

  2. Tice says:

    Woow!! Really impressive. Would be a nice next feature for Pixelmator. ; )

  3. Steve Grenier says:

    That is really sweet, I don’t suppose we can count on you to remind us when they release a downloadable version to try ourselves :)

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