January 21, 2004

CNN: Can sleep make you smarter, more creative?

"Everybody feels refreshed following a good night's sleep. But can you wake up smarter? More artistic perhaps?

German scientists say they have demonstrated for the first time that our sleeping brains continue working on problems that baffle us during the day, and the right answer may come more easily after eight hours of rest..."

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Very interesting although I don't think that is the case for me.

January 07, 2004

High Shutter Test

Freeze Water - Click to see full-size image
Freeze Fire - Click to see full-size image
Water Hand Freeze - Click to see full-size image
They're just several experimental high-shutter photos that I took. During the experiments, I learned that high-shutter require lot of lights if you want the result to look clear and sharp.

Camera Used: Minolta DiMage 7i Digital Camera Shutter Speed: 1/2000

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