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Thursday, June 1, 2006

The Mafia Guild Website

The Mafia WebsiteNew website design for World of Warcraft guild 'The Mafia'.


This one is a little old (Jan 2006) but I want to post it here anyway since very few people know about it. All pages other than front page are pretty much incomplete or unchanged from default template so don't bother checking them. Coder I worked with were pretty busy with his real life so he couldn't finish them all :(

Friday, November 26, 2004

Reservoir Dogcows Website

Reservoir Dogcows WebsiteNew website design for our World of Warcraft Guild 'Reservoir Dogcows'.


Moof! :)

Update: They changed web engine to different one than Geeklog and is now different looking. You can visit my mirrored site with full design at


If you'd like to see what forum look like, click all links with (<--Working Link) tag.

Note: this is a fake site for design preview purpose so you'll see a lot of incomplete and non-working elements.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

MacThemes.net - Updated Design

MacThemes.net - Updated Design
Jan and I've made several adjustment to the design and it should address some of the biggest complaints such as IE compatibility, navbar with current page status (note the blue pin underneath Themes), and several others.

I added a corkboard and darker blue grid to improve the contrast of the design. You can feel free to play with the pins but just be careful with them. You know, they could kill baby kittens :(

The site will hopefully be ready by tonight.

Monday, March 29, 2004

MacThemes.net - New Site Design

MacThemes.net - New Site Design
They're finished except for the white paper on the top of wood box. I'll think of something to put on that card soon. Maybe a vote check list with two contenders: Aqua and Luna :)

When the contest is over, the site will revert back to old design but it looks so dull comparing to the new one. I'm going to try and improve the old one by adding subtle textures, etc.

Monday, December 8, 2003

MacGamer's Contest Giveaways: Santa Chief

Santa Chief - Click to see full-size image

I'm thrilled to hear that I'm one of the top five who won the contest. I'll give it to my bro since I have already purchased one for myself.

For those who don't know the rule of the contest:

You'll need to "Photoshop" (and by that we mean "digitally edit") Halo's Master Chief on vacation. 5 winners will get a free copy of Halo for Mac

The other four winners submitted in funny graphics. I especially like the one of Master Chief bungee-jumping. Very clever and simple.

I've completed single player mode (Halo) and enjoyed some parts of it. Most of the gameplays was too repetitive for my taste. The level designs (especially structures and textures) were mediocre at best. One of their strong areas is character design although I don't quite understand why they designed that alien midget that ran like the boy in 'Home Alone'. Halo's Multiplayer, on the other hands, is packed with fun! I totally love the idea of sharing the vehicle with several other players.