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October 01, 2003


Adam Betts' Computer Desk - Click to see full-size image

About 'The Art of Adam Betts':

A graphic arts weblog for useful graphic tips, personal portfolio and egotistical musing from Adam Betts.

About the author:

Leaving pixels around the web since 2000

According to Tyler's words of wisdom, I'm not the content of my weblog so I'll just shut up instead of blabbing about my life that no one cared about.


Credit goes to Jan Van Boghout for working so hard coding this site. I highly encourage all mac users to buy his excellent softwares; CSSEdit & DeskShade at MacRabbit.

Another important person behind this site is my brother Wayne Betts, Jr. He has helped me a lot on this site including telling me to tie my shoelace, spitting on me when I made a wrong design decision, etc.

Thanks to Phil Baines at The Innocent Statement for fixing the white line problem in Firefox (Win)

Badges, etc:

The Art of Adam Betts - A Graphic Arts Weblog
The Art of Adam Betts - A Graphic Arts Weblog


I take full responsibility for what's posted here but take none for comments offered by others. I also reserve the right to erase or edit comments by others which I feel are derogatory or not in the spirit of this site.

I have taken all effort to acknowledge works by others, however if you feel I have violated or taken any work without due acknowledgment, please contact me ASAP.




Your site and your work is awesome. I guess this site has been up for a while (Oct. 2003?) I've been a regular visitor to your 'The Betts Bro, Inc" site for several months - just got to see your site for the first time today. Well done!

Keep up the great work!

Adam Goodwin
Pasadena, CA

Posted by: Adam Goodwin at March 3, 2004 07:33 PM

Thanks for the compliment :) This site went live a few days ago. I started working on this site around November 03 so I can have several contents ready at launch day. You know, I don't want "Under Construction" crap here :)

Out of curiosity, I checked your site and was thoroughly impressed with the quality of your works, especially your photographs. They're just too beautiful and professional! Also, it's probably the best blogger.com site I've seen.. Site bookmarked :)

Posted by: Adam Betts at March 3, 2004 10:17 PM

Thanks for the link Adam. Im glad that line has gone. Your work is worth so much more than a bug in firefox.

As I said in my email;

"I will keep a close eye on your site, and when I get a Mac (thats a when - not if) I will be keeping a closer eye, for cool graphics and icons. Keep up the good work."

Posted by: Phil Baines at March 24, 2004 02:01 PM

Hi Adam,
Really impressive stuff!
You made me start thinkig to do icons by myself.
I am an Illustrator living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Maybe a tropical theme? IŽll let you know.

Posted by: Sebastian at October 2, 2004 10:17 PM
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