July 15, 2004

Some news

Here's what I've been doing lately..

  • Fitness Health Weblog
  • Icon Project for OS X software
  • Two other website designs
  • A secret project I'm working on for OS X. Mockup stage is almost done.
  • Expanding MacThemes.net (Sidebar Navbar, Ad Banner, etc)
  • Spent lot of time playing World of Warcraft.
  • Got Battlefield 1942. Great game but I definitely need lot of practices.
Projects I'll work on soon:
  • More smileys for Adium X
  • More Screensaver Flags. I plan to contact the original author of flag screensaver to see if we could collaborate on this and perhaps offer more features / choices / packages.
  • Website design for WoW Guild I'm in

After I'm done with most business projects, I'll shift my attention to personal projects. It's been a long time since I've done an icon set, OS X theme, etc :(

July 01, 2004

Dashboard in Mac OS X 10.4..

Dashboard in Mac OS X 10.4When I first heard of Dashboard in upcoming Tiger Mac OS X, my initial thought was meh, not another javascript gadgetry tools with steep learning curve.. but the more I learned about it, the less empty drool buckets I have left! It's amazing that any web designers / developers can easily develop a widget using just XHTML / CSS for interface. No Javascript or XML bullshits.

Look at the source code of Stickies widget for an example of how it's done. Here's a compressed version of the whole things including plists. (Thanks to Erik Veland for posting them)

I think comparing Dashboard to Konfabulator is a little ridiculous.. Instead of repeating what everyone is saying, I'll point you to this extremely well-written article by John Gruber

If you're a developer looking to build some decent, full-featured widgets such as Dictionary, etc., send me an email! I'm so itching to contribute some graphics.

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