August 2006

I just want to say that I’m not ignoring your requests for new flags and OS X Intel-compatible version. I have renewed interest in doing an improved artworks with more new flags. I contacted developer of original screensaver Old Glory, Michael Trent, about a possible collaboration for better feature-packaged flag screensaver and OS X Intel update. The reply I received are both good and bad news.

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I’m pissed I haven’t heard of this app until today (learned about it in this thread.)

Paparazzi! is a small utility for Mac OS X that makes screenshots of webpages.

Preview of this weblog in full vertical size (600 KB, 892×5210)

An utility worthy of donation. I’ve sent mine in, you should too if you find the app useful. Absolutely perfect tool for portfolio.

Using same corner radius setting for both outer and inner rounded rectangles will create a “lump” corner like an eaten mice in snake’s stomach.

Mmm, mice!

Radius number should always be lower for inner box. In measurement example picture above, I used 14 px for outer box, 8 px for inner box to create a perfect size border all across the corners.

Photoshop’s Rounded Rectangle Tool Setting.

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Construction crane is getting too rusty, it’s time to retire them.

A long overdue icon update for ThemePark which contained one of my earliest icon works. When I first designed the original ThemePark icon, I couldn’t contain my fascination with LEGO and K’nex building and it showed in final icon ;)

I’ve dumbed down the concept and modernized it for current OS look. You should see those icons in next ThemePark update soon.

Please wash popcorn butter grease off your hands before touching the new controller bar.

It’s one thing that’s been bothering me for a long, long time but I never thought about replacing it until today. What I didn’t like about current controller graphic for QuickTime plugin typically found in internet browser apps is blurry and bloated old Aqua design from Mac OS X 10.0. New one is more lightweight with similar feeling of latest OS X apps such as and Aperture.

Installation: Open System / Library / QuickTime / QuickTimeComponents.component. Right-click and select Show Package Contents. Contents / Resources and replace QuickTimeComponents.rsrc
IMPORTANT: If it damaged your computer or operating system somehow, please direct all your wall-punching angerness to my face through the internet tubes. No really, please backup ‘QuickTimeComponents.rsrc’ before replacing the file.

By the way, can anyone guess which foreign TV commercial is shown in comparison screenshot above? Not much to look at but grass color and road should be good enough for anyone who’ve seen the commercial ;) One of my most favorite TV commercial.

More amateur icons from 2001-02.

My first “popular” icon. Stupid mistake: left arrow is covering the red aqua button when I can easily avoid that by rotating the arrow slightly.

So um, you take a feather in your hand and draw an inkwell on paper? You know this is supposed to be a text editor app?” – Messed up abstract for the win.

Ugly cut-out photo of car with overly aqualicious book. Yuck.

Most of the graphics in Reservoir Dogcows website were drawn on paper first to give them a rough feeling similar to ancient time then scanned to Photoshop for color and detail layers.

Click on each images to see a short animation on how they were layered in Photoshop. Nothing complex, I just want to demonstrate that not everything have to be created from scratch in PS, you can use your art talent to assist you.

GIF Animation (360 kb, 24 frames) of WoodStones.

GIF Animation (92 kb, 18 frames) of Guild Banner.

GIF Animation (96 kb, 18 frames) of Dogcow.

Disclaimer: Firefox Icon were designed by Jon Hicks and Firefox Team.

I’ve never liked current Firefox icon although I do admire its artistic design. It just simply didn’t fit in with OS X and I went to touch it up, adding more details for fox, made new globe to be more subtle and gave it correct icon weight so it’ll look good in your Dock.

Dock comparison shot: Preview

Simply gorgeous.

Watch the movie at

Everyone will have to deal with rejection at some point and here’s one of my several rejected icon designs in the past.

“Oh my, you can’t reject me! I got a smooth and beautiful metal skin.” – Probably more aqua lotion is needed.

Reason for rejection: Lack of shiny Aqua gloss.

Constant rejection is always part of the job but sometime what gets accepted and what gets rejected keeps me scratching my head with wonderment. That said, I do love being rejected sometime and two reasons for this are: You can have your own personal museum of rejected works! It’s fun sharing them to your friends. Second reason, you’re free to “reuse” them in other projects without ownership issues.

Little tidbit: Forty percent of all graphic designers leave the profession in the first two years due to constant rejections. Link

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