I just want to say that I’m not ignoring your requests for new flags and OS X Intel-compatible version. I have renewed interest in doing an improved artworks with more new flags. I contacted developer of original screensaver Old Glory, Michael Trent, about a possible collaboration for better feature-packaged flag screensaver and OS X Intel update. The reply I received are both good and bad news.

Good news:
Mr. Trent has released an update (v.1.3) for OS X Intel recently. You can download them from Versiontracker.

Bad news:
Mr. Trent do not wish me to distribute my customized version of Old Glory screensaver anymore. Old Glory is not in the public domain and he retains the copyright to them. In respect of his wish I took all of the screensavers down until I get his permission to redistribute them.

What’s coming in the future:
He plans to distribute a separate screen saver module that could be used to display any image but it will be tamper-proof. It’s good that it will finally be user-customizable in preference option but tamper-proof? “DRM-ized” screensaver, especially free one, is pushing it a little too far in my opinion but I really can’t complain, it is his software after all.

So what’s my options? I could either release flag artworks as stand-alone and users will have to replace files themselves (much to developer’s disagreement) or develop my own version using Apple’s Quartz Composer. Latter would be nice but I’ll need to learn how to create screensaver from scratch in QC without borrowing codes from other QC screensavers but with my inability to understand how to create a simple Hello World cocoa app, this will be pretty difficult.