May 2008

I usually don’t do any kinds of custom templates since they’re very limiting on my creativity (“create something that everyone would like” aka standard plain version.) However, with the unlimited freedom given for Delicious Library 2 templates, I’m excited to do something that visually match the flashiness of DL2.

Template 1

Template 2

iPhone version

When browsing the library pages on iPhone, it will switch to lite version.

There’s also a print template. You can modify existing templates to your liking.

One more post coming soon. You can download a trial version of Delicious Library 2 from

I’ve been working with Delicious Monster since late 2006 for various things and this first post is a brief preview of several icons & graphics I’ve done for Delicious Library 2 which came out today.

High-res icons for Shelves

DL2 folding brochure design for TED Conference:

Front View | Back View | Folded

More to come soon. You can download a trial version of Delicious Library 2 from

I usually dislike black or extreme dark colored background but somehow OS X Leopard and its starry theme converted me. Leather background with punch holes and sparky metal Apple logo. Plain version without Apple logo is also available for both single and dual displays.

Leather BG with Apple Logo1920×1200

Plain Leather BG1920×1200

Media TempleJust transferred this weblog from my shitty host provider ( to mediatemple (referral link) and the sky is now crispy blue and ducks wearing rollerskate to cross the street.

Shawn Blanc’s post about mediatemple sold me. I used an easier way of importing large MySQL dump file (wordpress and mint database) by using this php script MySQLDumper

How’s the site speed to you guys now? Everything should be faster including file downloads, your eye-reading speed, etc. RSS should also feed to your favorite rss reader by about 0.02 ms faster.

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