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March 01, 2004

PulpFiction Icons

Pulp Fiction Icon - Click to see full-size image
Application and Toolbar Icon for Freshly Squeezed Software

This is definitely the longest icon project I've been in. The long length on designing application icon was mainly my fault because of the difficulty in coming up with a good design for this kind of application without using cliché designs. After submitting several different designs, Erik was finally satisfied with the last design and I think I agree with him. Some of the early designs were either weak or odd. PF Toolbar Icons, on the other hands, took only one week to finish.

If you want to see the process from several drafts to several submitted designs to final design, you can check them at NSLog(); (For those who don't know, NSLog is a weblog by Erik at Freshly Squeezed Software):

Project Length: 6 months Designs Submitted: 5 designs



Weren't those designs all Eriks (from sketches)? I personally thought your renderings were excellent--throughout the process.

Posted by: Buzz Andersen at March 1, 2004 10:19 PM

Oh--or maybe those were your sketches. Whatever the case, I thought the initial concepts were fine.

Posted by: Buzz Andersen at March 1, 2004 10:28 PM

Yeah, we did all of the sketches. After several sketches/designs, Erik and his co-employees came up with some ideas for final design. Classic PF comic book concept was one of them.

Glad you like the renderings :)

Posted by: Adam Betts at March 1, 2004 11:29 PM

PulpFiction (with InterCap) is the official name. None of the originals seemed to fit perfectly with us. They are all very good. The toolbar icons were great the first time.

Posted by: Erik J. Barzeski at March 3, 2004 07:35 PM

Feels a lot like the icon I did for my iComic app... even down to the word "Fresh" !


... not that I mind - Pulp Fiction is a cool app

Posted by: Steve Saxon at July 5, 2004 08:49 AM
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