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June 22, 2004

Movies of Apple Motion in motion

Up now at Apple Motion - Quick Tour

Jaw-dropping simplicity! The attention to details is truly amazing.



Also take a look at: http://www.apple.com/motion/video/

Posted by: Chris at June 22, 2004 02:16 PM

I am absolutely dying to get my hands on this product. Simpler, cheaper, and just plain BETTER than After Effects. It's products like this that make me feel sorry for people using a different OS.

Posted by: Matt Cahill at June 22, 2004 04:34 PM

I think this product pretty much sums up why I'm a Mac user.

Posted by: Nightspark at June 23, 2004 01:16 PM

I cannot wait to get my hands on this.

Posted by: Steve Streza at June 23, 2004 08:59 PM

CoreVideo at its best!

Posted by: Jean-Olivier Lanctôt at June 29, 2004 11:29 PM

i agree it looks very nice, but its really hard to tell if its better than after effects just by watching a tutorial.. after effects is a mature and very powerful tool, its hard to think that apple would be able to create a replacement on their first try.. one think i know will be greatly missed, and something a lot of us that do motion graphics will probably not be able to live without, is the 3d effects (cameras, lights, movement) I'm also curious how easy it is to program behaviors in motion, or if its simply a what we have is what you get affair.. i'm looking forward to it, but i am curious to see how good of a tool its really going to be...

Posted by: chris at July 5, 2004 09:52 PM

Well, I wouldn't expect it to be a replacement (yet) for AE on a first try, however, it is only $300 retail. AE standard is $700 and the pro version is $1000. Apple seems to be creating top notch video tools at prices that no one else can match. At less than half the price of AE, motion is at least worth giving a look, and possibly using it for all it can do, and waiting for 3rd party releases of behaviors and all that, plus more from apple in future releases. I know I'll be ordering a copy ASAP with my student discount just to play around with it :D

Posted by: Steve Moore at July 15, 2004 12:06 AM
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