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February 17, 2004

Link Cursor for Safari

Link Cursor for Safari
Have enough of that outdated and inconsistent mickey mouse white glove cursor you see when hovering over a link in Safari?

Download Link Cursor



Hi Adam,

I love the link cursor that you made (the Mickey Mouse glove certainly is outdated), but I was thinking about a couple things... for one, I'm not sure if the "@" symbol is the most appropriate thing, since that's typically associated with email, and most links are of course leading to HTML pages. Also, the arrowhead itself is the kind that's typically used when dragging something, so that doesn't make too much sense either (especially when you consider that if you hover over a link, then drag it, you change from that tail-less dragging cursor to a normal cursor while dragging).

Just a few things that came to mind. :-)

Posted by: Sage at March 2, 2004 11:56 PM

Hmm, good point. It's true that @ is typically associated with email and arrowhead being used for dragging items.. I used them because I thought that @ is the closest thing to internet symbol and I used arrowhead cursor because I want to keep the consistency with other cursors.

Maybe instead of ball with @, it could be a globe or with just text "GO". If you have any better ideas, I'm all for it :)

I'll post several different version of link cursor including mickey mouse hand with shadow soon here.

What would be so nice is if Safari or any other browsers could use different cursors for each link category; link, email, image link, javascript link, etc so people will know what they're going to click on exactly. That sure will make our life a little more easier.

Posted by: Adam Betts at March 3, 2004 12:10 AM

Yeah, that would be cool (and Safari supports attribute selectors, so it wouldn't seem to be a problem for them to implement).

The only thing I could think of off the top of my head was to have the cursor have a blue glow when hovering over links (I originally had an idea to just have the black portion turn blue, but that's not very noticeable, though neither is a glow).

Well, now that I think about it, how 'bout keep the globe, and have a link icon in it? (Two ovals linked together at a 45 degree angle... there's an example of what I'm talking about in the iTunes resources, so I'll find it in a sec).

Posted by: Sage at March 3, 2004 12:28 AM


Something like #1, but a bit more aquafied like #2 (without it being broken, of course!). ;-)

Posted by: Sage at March 3, 2004 12:38 AM

Hehe, that's definitely a good idea! I'll do both blue glow and link chain (unbreakable one :)...) tomorrow.

Posted by: Adam Betts at March 3, 2004 01:14 AM

Cool beans! Thank you so much! :-)

Posted by: Sage at March 3, 2004 07:51 PM


I too love the change with the link cursor; however, I was hoping for some different colors. I like the ideas presented here though and look forward to seeing all the new goodies you have in store tomorrow...


Posted by: gorickey at March 3, 2004 09:24 PM

Maybe a little premature - but I can't seem to beat the Safari mickey hand - I replaced the file in the specified folder - but to no avail. I even completely removed the mickey hand from the folder. I'm running 10.3 on a 1 Gig Powerbook if that helps. BTW - great site and inspiring work.

Posted by: John at May 24, 2004 04:41 PM
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