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May 24, 2004

Adiumy Icon - Looking Back..

Adiumy - I'm just a bird...
Adium Icon was perhaps one of the most controversial icons I've done. It's one of my early works and was the key icon that got me into the whole OS X Icon Scene.

From what I've read on the forums, emails I've gotten, comments on software update sites, etc; public's opinions on Adiumy Duck was fairly split. Some hated it with a passion and some loved it with a red cherry.

Here's few of the amusing comments (some funny, some really stupid) regarding Adiumy Duck Icon that I've found:

"I hate the stupid squawking bird icon"

"What's with all the bird icons for Adium? They all creep me out...those eyes just staring..."

"I think that bird-type-creature looks horribly ugly."

"Once you replace the butt ugly icon with other icon it's a great program"

"This mismatch of Aqua and chicken-scratch icons is headache-inducing."

" WAUGH! The new dock icon sucks!"

"I won't use Adium because I don't want to bother editing the icon"

"I have to say I REALLLY do hate that duck, just screams ms office assistant to me. Don't get me wrong I love little character things but when they're not corny like that duck ugh thats why mine is hello kitty instead."

"New dock icon please That dock icon is ugly"

"He goes against Apple's guidelines; a photo-realistic icon that represents the function of the app and instead creates a cartoon bird that represents nothing of what the app is about."

"I use Proteus. I would use Adium if not for that fscked up duck. *shudder*
It's just so... duck-ish... WTF does a duck have to do with instant messaging?"

Those kinds of comments do not offend me in the slightest. I'm only laughing because it's funny how a completely harmless and simple-minded bird could cause so much pain in some people.

It's also funny how some people refused to use an app just because of the icon. It's like saying "I won't go outside because I don't like the color of the sky." That Hello Kitty comment is hilarious because Adiumy Duck couldn't possibly be any cornier than Hello Kitty :)

Psiona's Costumes for Adiumy BirdWithout those haters, Adiumy Duck probably won't be at a celebrity status like he is now. Psiona (Official Costume Designer for Adium) also contributed a lot to his popularity by designing some award-winning costumes. Give her portfolio a check and you'll be impressed. By the way, if you ever need some illustrations for your projects, she's the gal to hire.

All in all, I'm glad that Adiumy Duck is enjoying his life even though he couldn't comprehend most of the insults to him (a good thing if you ask me). Now only if he finds a girlfriend...



So, when are your emoticons coming out?

Posted by: Josha Chapman-Dodson at May 24, 2004 07:40 PM

I recently have been helping a friend get back into OS X, he's a windows admin (I'm a unix admin) and has been IMing me constantly with little OS Xisms. I showed him both Adium and Proteus, and of course got into an argument. It eventually came down to him asking why Adium. My response? It quacks. After using Adium for a few weeks quacking is now on my requirements list for an IM client. He has logical reasons to like Proteus, but when it comes right down to it I like Adium because of the charm that comes with the duck and the mythology around it.

So, take this as a positive comment. I love that fscking duck.


Posted by: Gary at May 24, 2004 08:03 PM

i really fucking like those different costumes Mr.Ducky P. Adium is in. I always wondered if it was one person doing them all or different people making them look like they all came from one person.....

The duck, personally, the look of it is fine, what really annoys me is the sound. In fact, I have turned off all sounds in iChat (what i currently use because Adium keeps on crashing on my computer (my problem not the Apps)) because the sounds are just so annoying and interrupting and come at odd intervals that don't match with music or ANYTHING.

Posted by: DCohen at May 24, 2004 09:03 PM

Any chance that we can get a download for the original PSD files for the Adiumy duck? I would love to have that to be able to give it "costumes".

Posted by: mnkeybsness at May 24, 2004 11:17 PM

I absolutely love that Adium duck (I hated the old Aqua-ish ones, but I love your set). In fact, here's the avatar I've had for over a month now:


(Stare at it for at least 10 seconds... drives people nuts when they see it. :-D )

Posted by: Sage at May 24, 2004 11:56 PM

Adam, people are just jealous or your awesome artwork. Anyways, Psiona's work rocks too! It could have fooled me and make me think you made them. Anyways, who says an icon has to do anything with the program? BE CREATIVE!

Posted by: Pixel Sage (Ernest Liu) at May 25, 2004 12:00 AM

One of "Psionas" costumes looks like Rickey Henderson...how ironic..


Posted by: gorickey at May 25, 2004 12:06 AM

So, why is it a Duck anyway? I use Proteus instead, so I wouldn't know the "lore".

Posted by: Erik K. Veland at May 25, 2004 06:10 AM


/me takes medication.

Posted by: xpander at May 25, 2004 03:53 PM

the. duck. owns. you.

Posted by: selcouth at May 25, 2004 03:57 PM

I like the duck. I think it grows on you. Eh, it eventually grew on me enough, and xpander made me a shirt :D


Posted by: The_Tick at May 25, 2004 04:00 PM

Can't get it, i mean the duck is not claudia shiffer but even so is pretty cool. i defenetly like it.

Posted by: ras at May 28, 2004 11:12 AM

oooooo... The icon example is the one made for me!

Thanks Psiona for the costume if you read this... and Thanks to Adam for the original!!

Posted by: mlebarron at June 1, 2004 07:27 AM

I want the duck to get a new girlfriend. Is he gonna get one real soon? :)

Posted by: Maureen at June 1, 2004 09:46 PM

i personally like the duck. But wished we can change the duck to any color. That would be awesome.

Posted by: Alvin at June 3, 2004 08:43 PM

I love the duck. I think he’s pretty damn cute (I’d love to see a girl duck), and the art is fantastic. I’m waiting for a need to ask you to make a set of icons for me!

Posted by: Rick at June 14, 2004 07:24 PM

Not that anyone will read this since I don't think anyone is reading these comments anymore, but if it weren't a duck, how would you dress it up and customize it? Its not like you'd take the iChat bubble and put a coat on it.

Posted by: Pixel Sage (Ernest Liu) at June 19, 2004 08:22 PM

Down with the naysayers! I was trying out Proteus and Fire when a friend directed me to Adium. I chose Adium, hands down. Why? Because of the duck and the quacking! Besides the plethora of really well-designed options afforded me by Adium, it's simply so much more fun than all the others!

Posted by: marke at October 5, 2004 02:32 PM
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