September 2006

A simple update to default Desktop icon so it can join the Mac OS X 10.4 family.

Season Changes. 1280×1024 and 1600×1280

Credit: Season illustrations by talented artist Silveryn

Mösdeuxâ„¢, A Film Production Company. Pictured on the right is Mösdeux’s upcoming film ‘Resonare.’

Check them out: Mösdeux™

My brother Wayne Betts, Jr. is a co-founder of Mösdeux and acts as a cinematographer and editor. Their next film ‘Resonare’ will be released in Oct. 31th. It will be a silent film with no voice or signing language.

“Ooh, look at my shiny new dashboard.” -Transmit truck driver

Adiumy Smiley Set
Transmit Toolbar Icons Replacement.

Transmit is a truly sweet Mac ftp app with one of the best app icon around but its toolbar icons doesn’t do Transmit a justice. They’re uninspired and inconsistent throughout the app.

This new toolbar set changes that with more consistent style and similar color scheme from main app icon.

Preview: Old | New

This package contains all Toolbar icons, Preference icons and non-Aqua Tabs graphics (to look better with unified toolbar, which you will have to enable yourself with either UNO or Unifier.) Transmit main app icon also received a touch-up for 32×32 and 16×16 so they’ll look sharper (Preview).

I’m aware that purplish-gray color scheme isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so here’s graphite version of the new toolbar set:

Disclaimer: I’m not associated with Panic Software nor designed the main application icon (Transmit Truck.)

A simple and quick fix-up for Apple iTunes 7’s new icon. I didn’t like the icon size, bright blue color and reflection at top of music note. (Preview)

Large iTunes 7 icon (512×512) for Front Row app:

Here’s a compilations of most Web 2.0 controllers. If I forget any major web 2.0 video site, post the link in the comment and I’ll add them here.

Google Video: One of the best. Subtle, soothing and very functional.

Yahoo Video: Nicely done with purple theme.

AOL Video: So much wasted space. Plain but simple and clear enough.

imeem: Also plain but I like this one better as blank area (white) is transparent so it’ll blend in with your webpage color.

Continue reading…

Handle with care.

The Unarchiver is a new utility that will uncompress many different formats so you don’t have to download each uncompression apps separately such as Stuffit, UnrarX, etc.

The Unarchiver Window

It works in the same way as Mac OS X’s default app BOMArchiver does. You can set a preference to use this utility instead of BOMArchiver for uncompression.

Download it from Versiontracker

This is a voluntary icon project.

The first step you see is a composition test icon to see if it will look great in the dock then the polishing procession begins. You can see my thought process on each steps as they were tested in the dock to see if the composition/details worked or not.

Actual size, really.

Simply unbelievable.

My favorite part about it is vampire’s-blood-filled bar.

Everyone will have to deal with rejection at some point and here’s my second rejected icon design from the past.

1. iTunes 2. DVD Play 3. Remote and 4. Rejection. Select one to send signal.

Salling Clicker is a remote control utility preference pane to turn a compatible mobile phone or PDA into an advanced wireless two-way remote control for your Mac.

Reason for rejection: Unsure. After one revision, client pulled a Batman with smoke screen.

Rejection in choice of four great flavor:
The “You Suck” rejection.
The “We don’t like you” rejection.
The “It wasn’t me” rejection.
and The non-rejection. – Learn more

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