“Ooh, look at my shiny new dashboard.” -Transmit truck driver

Adiumy Smiley Set
Transmit Toolbar Icons Replacement.

Transmit is a truly sweet Mac ftp app with one of the best app icon around but its toolbar icons doesn’t do Transmit a justice. They’re uninspired and inconsistent throughout the app.

This new toolbar set changes that with more consistent style and similar color scheme from main app icon.

Preview: Old | New

This package contains all Toolbar icons, Preference icons and non-Aqua Tabs graphics (to look better with unified toolbar, which you will have to enable yourself with either UNO or Unifier.) Transmit main app icon also received a touch-up for 32×32 and 16×16 so they’ll look sharper (Preview).

I’m aware that purplish-gray color scheme isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so here’s graphite version of the new toolbar set:

Disclaimer: I’m not associated with Panic Software nor designed the main application icon (Transmit Truck.)