Note (May 2008): There is updated Adobe CS3 Icon Set that includes higher resolution (512×512 for Leopard) and several more CS3 app icons. Go to this post: Adobe CS3 Hi-Res Icon Set

Full icon set replacement for Creative Studio 3 based on CS3 retail product box design.

What’s missing is document icon for Contribute CS3 and few more small CS3 apps. I’ll do second part as soon as Adobe releases more CS3 apps to public.

Note: Some CS3 apps have custom icon applied to them. If app icon didn’t change after installing .icns files, do a Get Info on app and delete its custom icon by clicking on icon at top-left of Get Info window and hit Delete key. Logout or force-quit Finder for icon changes to take effective.

Update: Windows version ported by Eli (the-ace), you can get it from