Delicious Library 2 Web Publishing

The goal of web publishing is to keep it as simple as possible; everything in one window sheet and avoid using tabs or any other design that would hide steps from users. Here’s a screencast of Web Publishing interface in motion (flash video, no audio):

Item Selection

Comparison of Old, Prototype and Final item selection appearance. While we like spotlight with case highlight one the most, it ultimately didn’t work out as well as we hope due to different item sizes and non resolution independent. It’s not easy to replicate the spotlight effect purely in code so we went with something more lightweight and flexible for every types of item. It works a lot better when in use.

Item Info Panel

Some of you may have seen a different UI for info pane from several websites who provided early look at Delicious Library 2 such as Theocacao, this interface didn’t make it to final build for various reasons. It was inspired by Leopard’s iCal but I believe our implementation are much better. It wasn’t ready for release though and might will come in the future.

You can download a trial version of Delicious Library 2 from