VFXSoup: Blue screen or green screen?

Alex: I’m a green screen kind of a guy. Green has a much higher luminance than blue, so it’s much more forgiving for lighting and exposure. I don’t know why more fx supervisors don’t insist on it – it would make their lives a lot easier. Blue screen tends to suffer in the shadows around the feet. If the blue screen gets too dark, you’ll end up waging war in the blacks and your comps will look like bad holograms (think R2D2 + restraining bolt = “help me obi-wan”). As far as I know, blue and green cost the same! The only drawback with green is that it does tend to show the dirt more – but there are always those natty little elastic shoe covers – very chic.”

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Edit: They seem to have removed all photos and refer to iPod and iPod commercials. No idea why

Pretty interesting to see what techniques he used to make iPod commercials. I really don’t understand why some major production companies such as Industrial Light & Magic still prefer to use blue screen over green. Two leading digital productions companies; WETA Workshop (LOTR) and Manex Enterainment (Matrix) prefer green screen because it gives depth to objects while blue screen make objects feel too flat (ie: Star Wars Ep. 1/2).

Industrial Light & Magic haven’t made any breakthrough in technology lately though. The effects in Hulk, Harry Potter, etc are not that well-done, IMO.