Flow Website

This is one of the side projects I’ve been working on and you can view it at www.extendmac.com/flow (May 2008, note: current flow website is different.) Flow is an upcoming FTP application for Mac OS X (currently in closed private beta.) When Brian of Extendmac Software asked me if I could design the website and icons, I was definitely interested as I admire Flow a lot for its simplicity and beautiful interface but I could only do website design and not app icon as I was spreading too thin with other projects so I got another icon designer, Josh Pyles of Pixelmatrix Design, to join the project. While the icon he delivered was perfectly fine, Brian wanted something truly unique so we got another icon designer, Sebastiaan de With, to do the icon and the result is what you see right now.

I also did some of the app toolbar icons and Sebastiaan did a simply fantastic job on the application icon. You can read about his work progress on the icon at his blog, Cocoia Blog.

This is one of the projects I truly enjoyed doing along with great people like Brian and Sebastiaan.