Who, me? Maybe. Read below.

I’ve been asked several times if I really did design the icons for Bare BonesYojimbo, the answer is both yes and no.

Toolbar, sidebar, etc. icons: Yes.

Various 32×32 Icons.

Main application icon (red moon with black silhouette): No.

I had several icon drafts on paper for main application icon but they did not want me to do any of them. Instead I was asked to gloss-ize a graphic file they sent me.

What I had in mind (and on paper):

I wasn’t pleasant with their decision because I will be associated with icon that I actually didn’t design. I do understand that they were only looking for pure branding logo and not standard icon but personally I strongly believe that this kind of app is better suited for standard design like the proposed design above.

The icon they went with is ugly as hell in my opinion. Too in-your-face bold color. One of the comments from software update website put it nicely:

“The app itself looks great, but sports one of Bare Bones’ usual crappy icons – a silhouette of a martial arts guy that my daughter thinks is a witch flying toward a harvest moon.”

But do they work well as a brand? I’m afraid so. In fact it’s very effective, I’m told.

So were the developers right with their decision or they should have went with standard icon? I’m not going to change anything, I’m just wondering about how to handle an issue like this in the future. Who should decide that icon should be pure brand or standard: Developer or Graphic Artist? Common sense, it should be developer but graphic artist do know what works and what doesn’t.