I usually don’t do any kinds of custom templates since they’re very limiting on my creativity (“create something that everyone would like” aka standard plain version.) However, with the unlimited freedom given for Delicious Library 2 templates, I’m excited to do something that visually match the flashiness of DL2.

Template 1


Template 2


iPhone version

When browsing the library pages on iPhone, it will switch to lite version.

There’s also a print template. You can modify existing templates to your liking.

One more post coming soon. You can download a trial version of Delicious Library 2 from www.delicious-monster.com.

I’ve been working with Delicious Monster since late 2006 for various things and this first post is a brief preview of several icons & graphics I’ve done for Delicious Library 2 which came out today.

High-res icons for Shelves

DL2 folding brochure design for TED Conference:

Front View | Back View | Folded

More to come soon. You can download a trial version of Delicious Library 2 from www.delicious-monster.com.

I usually dislike black or extreme dark colored background but somehow OS X Leopard and its starry theme converted me. Leather background with punch holes and sparky metal Apple logo. Plain version without Apple logo is also available for both single and dual displays.

Leather BG with Apple Logo1920×1200

Plain Leather BG1920×1200

Media TempleJust transferred this weblog from my shitty host provider (powweb.com) to mediatemple (referral link) and the sky is now crispy blue and ducks wearing rollerskate to cross the street.

Shawn Blanc’s post about mediatemple sold me. I used an easier way of importing large MySQL dump file (wordpress and mint database) by using this php script MySQLDumper

How’s the site speed to you guys now? Everything should be faster including file downloads, your eye-reading speed, etc. RSS should also feed to your favorite rss reader by about 0.02 ms faster.

All app & document icons now have 512×512 resource for Mac OS X Leopard. Some of them are updated to look cleaner and more icons are added for other Adobe apps. Folder icons are also included.


  • Photoshop Elements 6
  • Director 11
  • ColdFusion
  • Flash Player
  • Media Player

  • Photoshop Lightroom
  • Flex Builder
  • AIR (formerly Apollo)
  • Device Manager
  • Video Encoder
  • Extension Manager

Backup download link at .Mac: Adobe CS3 Hi-Res Icons

If you prefer a 17 MB .7z compressed file instead of 65 MB .zip, you can download a plain version (aka no custom icon applied to .icns files) and folder icons removed: download here

With the additional of sidenotes like this one, it should allow me to post a teeny bit more frequent since writing even one sentence is the biggest headache for me. The sad fact is I usually waste hours on post with few sentences but only brief time on graphics. I’m jealous at people who can write with ease without worrying about sounding like a 5th grade idiot with basic grammar and limited vocabularies.

Click for full preview

A galaxy background with Apple logo to honor the great birth of Leopard yesterday. Right-click and save as:

Conquer the Universe1920×1200

Non-Apple (also good for dual display)1920×1200

Interface Design for Ambrosia Software‘s new baby WireTap Studio. Although my icon work was minimal, most of my focus went into designing the interface for WireTap Studio including the main controller with drawer. Marcus Conge of Ambrosia Software did an excellent job on new WTS application icon.

Library Window

Waveform Editor Window

You can view WTS in action at WTS Video Tutorial.

Acorn IconI was invited to beta test Flying Meat‘s Acorn and provide some feedbacks and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the interface direction Acorn Developer Gus Mueller took it to. It is very refreshing to see a different approach to image editor interface by combining all key tools into one palette window. On paper it may sound like a stupid idea but it’s actually a good design idea.

Two things I love the most about Acorn are the selection look (not “Marching Ants” like in Photoshop) and Apply Filters interface in Automator style.

Of course it is not intended to be a Photoshop replacement but it sure is nice to have a nicely designed image editor app that I can happily recommend to anyone who doesn’t need the power of Photoshop.

Acorn Website

I know it sounds creepy but more than occasionally I’ve been falling asleep with iPhone in my hands. I’ve had many gadgets in the past including Sidekick and Nintendo DS Lite which I love but none of them put me to sleep as well and smooth as iPhone does. It’s frightening, though, to wake up with iPhone in my hands as I have a great deal of care for gadgets, especially those from Apple. Hopefully my bad dreams won’t turn iPhone into a giant squishy cockroach and force me to take action against it.

On the other hand, I’m currently working on two more iPhone projects and while they’re still at early stage, I can’t wait to show them sometime soon :)

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